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Zelda Grizel

Full Name/Alias

Zelda Grizel Laurent a.k.a. Sheena Marvelous


December 15, 1990 / 23 Years old


163cm (5' 4")


50kg (110lbs)


Neutral Good

Hair Color


Eye Color


Family and Relatives

Father, Mother, Younger brother (All alive)

Allies and Friends

Blake Snider/Blas Platinum (Bandmate and friend)

Gavin Albain/Ace Saturn (Bandmate and friend)

Sienna Travers (Close Friend)

Ron Sampson (Boss)

Ameth/Elizabeth Amador (Fan and Friend)

Roger Masters (Friend)

Jonathan Travers (Boss and Friend)

Rose Belladonna (Friend)


Four Horsemen of Apocalypse:

Aurelius Krüger

Karen Ludenberg

Lloyd Flynn

Blair Turner




Protagonist. Keyboardist/tambourine of Black Strings, Secretary

"Whatever the situation is, You can always count on me for anything."

Zelda in the Overture 2 talking with Jonathan about a mission.

Zelda Grizel/Sheena Marvelous is one of the Main protagonists of Feast of the Black Strings, as the Keyboardist and Tambourine of the titular Band.


Zelda has pale skin, long flowing grey hair, green eyes with dark eyelashes, heights 163cm (5' 4") and weights 50kg (110lbs), she uses a Short gray skirt, white with middle neck shirt, pantyhose, dark green high heels and a gray jacket. And when she's on the band as Sheena Marvelous she uses a long and tight gray-black leather dress with black fishnet pantyhose, high heel black boots, has her hair taken by an extended ponytail, also has more detailed makeup and eyelashes with dark eyeshadows.


Zelda is described as a complex woman, she's really nice with everyone who considers her a true ally and friend, however, she's pretty much a tsundere when she's angry or distant, she's tactical and intelligent, pursuing the points when the Horsemen are, and sometimes, balancing Blake's impulsiveness out. According to Ameth, she's the Ego for her level-head attitude, calm and serious disposition.


Fellow Black Strings bandmates and Feast Members.Edit

  • Blake Snider/Blas Platinum: Her relation with Blake/Blas is pretty much like a Older sister/Younger brother. Often they're seen discusing matters, but otherwise they're pretty good friends.
  • Gavin Albain/Ace Saturn: She had sort of affair with Gavin/Ace, she admires him in all its form, even considering to marrying him, however, she hides it from him as well.
  • Sienna Travers: Sienna has a very good relation with Sheena, but Sienna doesn't know Zelda; and even that they're the similar person.
  • Rose: Rose is a very good friend of Zelda and often makes jokes with her about Blake/Blas.
  • Roger Masters: Roger flirts with her, she's not amused, but due to her being employee of the very same staff, she respects him.
  • Ameth: As a fellow member of the Staff, She goes very well with her, sharing also the same worship for Mystical things.
  • Ron Sampson: He's coldly distant to Zelda, only "using" her, and Zelda pretty much dislikes him by being cold and only caring for being the winner label.


  • Grizel's Family: They're very united, even at best and worst, they believe that her daughter and her friends could save their miserable lives in the city.

Rivals/Villains/Four Horsemen of ApocalypseEdit

  • Four Horsemen: Zelda absolutely hates the Four Horsemen due to how cruel and evil they're; a threat that will never be underestimated. She tries to surpass them with her spirit in the music, also has a vendetta against Karen.
  • Lilith: Their mixed relation are pretty much a friend and a rival thing, but Zelda appreciates her as how she's rather than a competition.


  • Zelda's (a variation of Griselda) name means in the color line: "Gray Battle Maid", fitting despite being a secretary rather than a maid herself.
  • Grizel is a name and has the same meaning, however, in this story, is a surname. Which also forms the word play: Griz(s)elda.
  • Zelda, unlike other female protagonists of the media with fanservice, she has only 80cm-58cm-79cm in her measurements. And will had some character development to bright her up.
  • Her theme is In love With You, because she loves either Gavin/Ace or her boss.
  • Is unknown who's her boss, it can be a man or Gavin, but as for the second Overture, she's the secretary of a famous detective called Jonathan Travers, also revealed that Jonathan is also an enormous bulky and handsome guy, and surprisingly younger than her.
  • Zelda's Anti-heroine type if tropes are used is: The Pragmatic Hero for several reasons.
    • When fighting, she's known as aggressive and cold for a good reason, being a Tsundere also counts.
    • She's not really bright in personality when it comes to Sampson's orders, the Nominal Hero.
    • She thinks that the right thing is killing people of the government, it includes innocent bystanders with the "Happy Meal".
  • Her songs are often related to Pop Rock genre.
  • Ameth relates her in the 18th Tarot Motif as the Moon, because of her attitude in mythical themes such as illusions and she likes to trick any villian in her turn.

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