Zechariah Styles may look like just your average 17 year old high school student but in truth he is a 800 year old dragon. Having been put to sleep by a sorcerer for many years, he has woken up recently and now passes for human, until the times comes for him to reveal himself once again.

Story Edit

Zechariah was born into a land with no humans, a land ruled by dragons. He left his mother and father when he was ten to go claim a territory as his own. He spent his adolescences fighting intruders, expanding his territory, and training. Then when he was eighteen the king of the dragons fell ill. With no heir, the dragon king declared a massive tournament where the winner would not only inherit the kingdom. Zechariah managed to win using his tactful mind to win and was declared the heir to the dragon kingdom.

He took Calypso as his wife and began a five hundred year rule in which the kingdom expanded and prospered. Then at 518 years of age the humans arrived. At first the dragons and humans co existed peacefully. Then the humans decided that they wanted to rule the land and a war ensued. At first, the dragons weren't even bothered as they used their human forms to deceive the humans and their dragon forms to terrorize their opponents. Then a rebellion broke out led by the evil dragon, Malakiah. Thanks to his treachery, the humans were able to fight back. Malakiah even managed to kill Calypso, which caused Zechariah to fall into a depression. He tried calling a truce with the humans and their leader, a sorcerer known as Draco agreed. They met at the rendezvous point only for Draco to reveal he lied and cast a spell on Zechariah, causing him to fall in a deep sleep.

When he woke up he discovered that the land he once ruled had been taken over by human kind. Zechariah managed to adjust and thanks to collecting some hidden treasure he had managed to enroll in school and get a small apartment. He looks for the time he can reveal his great and terrible dragon form once again.

Personality Edit

Zechariah is a calm and reserved man with a lust for battle. He is a lone wolf, not getting close to anyone and prefers to be alone then be around others. If you manage to bump into him, you may catch him staring off into space remembering the days that he had his wife by his side and was able to fly through the sky with the rest of his kind. In combat he is a tactician, striking his opponents weak points. He never fights at full power, reason being is that he views humans as not worthy enough to see a dragon's full power. He also has a detest for humans, speaking with contempt in his voice whenever he is forced to talk to one, never using their name and calls them human instead.

He is seen as a troubled child at his high school. He rarely goes to class, opting to leave at random times. He has taken to smoking and drinking which only adds to further negative his image. There are even rumors that he shoplifts regularly. Everyone makes a show of getting out of his way at school

Appearance Edit

Human Form:

Zechariah in his human form is 6 ft 5, white and 210 pounds with a mesomorph body type. He has black hair with gold eyes and red arrow tattoos under his eyes. A massive scar is between his eyes. He wears two cross earrings and a necklace with three of his wife's dragon fangs he collected when he was cradling her lifeless body. He wears a white tank top, black leather jacket, blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

Dragon Form:

Zechariah's dragon form is black with a red platted neck, underbelly and tail. He has two big curved horns with a few sub horns. He has silver markings all over his upper body. He also has jagged spikes that run down his upper body. His wings are black on the upper half, silver on the under wing and the wing arm is red. At the end of the tail is a blade.

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