Yuki no Hakase
Format Comedy, Sci-fi
Created by Kai Tatsuge
Writer(s) Mika Takaiyama
Director(s) Kaito Hakatsu
No. of episodes 32 (in progress)
Run time 30 minutes per episode
English Network Right Stuf Network
First aired March 15, 2012
Last aired unknown

Yuki no Hakase (雪の 博士, Snow Scientist), is a sci-fi, horror, and comedy anime made by Kai Tatsuge who also made Project Redditular and Epic Rage Guy. There will also be a video game of it, called Yukino Hakase:The Game. This is also an anime that features a real person from real entertainment history, Jon Pertwee.

Plot (It's actually a very long one)Edit

On April 1991, a boy called Kiigo Kagamitsu (whose nickname is Kii, and will appear as a major character in HATSU.8) found a coffin with a dead body of a 40-year old man (supposedly Jon Pertwee with 90's-style radio broadcaster headphones and a blood red sweater. Kii discovered that he IS still alive, so with the unfamiliar gel in the coffin, (you would probably know what he would do) he made the man "alive" again. The next day, Kiigo went to school and Jon disguised as the 3-B science professor with the fake name Dr.Yuuki Hazureshi. But 1 week later, Trollfacers try to invade the school. So, they try to guard the school with a schoolgirl named Kayo Fúrthér and her companion Rila Fúrthér, the vice class president Youta Sunatzuki, and the class nerd Junichi Kagainekumi.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Jon Pertwee - An actor from real life. Goes by the name Yuuki Hazureshi when going to Sakuragi Senior High School as a science professor. He uses his functional prop sonic screwdriver that, well, does what a sonic screwdriver does.
  • Kiigo Kagamitsu - A normal school boy that scores B+. He is a senior student. Wields a Cluster Dagger.
  • Youta Sunatzuki - The class vice president. Looks emo, but is actually nice and helpful. Likes heavy metal bands like Kayo. Wields a Epique Rifle.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Kayo Fúrthér - A sophomore schoolgirl that attends Sakuragi and is from a noble family called the Fúrthér. Usually gets As and Cs.Likes rock and heavy metal bands from the 80's and is a Trekkie. Her catchphrase is "Oh crap!" and "Lulz!". Works part-time in a 7-11 for pocket money. She is skilled at editing photos and she is a Shrine Maiden. Her personality and appearance is based on Nagiko Kurokawa from the Japanese romance online card game GF Beta.
  • Epic Fail Freshman Guy Student - A freshman student (hence the name). His real name is Kazune Ishikage.
  • Junichi Kagainekumi - A middle-year student. The weirdo of 3-B.
  • Fuiyoni Yamine - Her nickname is Smartygirl. A smart girl who speaks in an annoyingly smart accent. Kayo's sworn rival and enemy. Actually, Smartygirl is the assistant of Evile. In Season 2, she quits her job of being Evile's assistant and becomes better friends with Kayo.
  • Yuu Kagainekumi - Kayo's relative and younger sister of Junichi. She attends Natsune Elementary School.
  • Naoya Ayasaki - Kayo's friend. He calls Kayo "Tomodachi"
  • Rila Fúrthér - Kayo's relative. She attends Sakuragi and dates Naoya.
  • Derp Royalia - The school bully. He likes bullying Rila and Kiruku.
  • Miiku Royalia - Derp's sister and love interest.


  • Evile - The main antagonist. A Sakuragi student who got infected by the AF94 virus and became a trollfacer. In Trollfacer Mode, his left eye is pink and his right eye is yellow, and his hair is neon green-coloured and 10-feet long with white streaks and wields a Darken Troll Sword which can poison the opponent. In the end, he is restored into a normal schoolboy.
  • Ooje Ajaa - Evile's best henchman. A Grand Trollfacer. He is actually a person from another dimension.
  • Trollfacer Knights - People that got the AF94 virus who are hired by Evile.
  • Elite Trollfacer Knights - A group of high-level Trollfacer Knights.