Yu-Gi-Oh! Elysium
Created by Kazuki Takahashi
Writer(s) Kazuki Takahashi

Akira Jotaro

Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 101
Run time 22-25 minutes

Yu-Gi-Oh! Elysium (遊☆戯☆王 ELYSIUM Yūgiō Eryushion) is an anime that was created by Kazuki Takahashi and directed by Akira Jotaro and written by them both as a collaboration for a Yu-Gi-Oh! series spin-off anime.

The setting takes place in an alternate future that combines both the 5Ds and Zexal timelines in Neo Domino City, where dueling is the power source of the Momentums which now powers the entire world. The story is about a young duelist who had dropped out of Duel Academy in order to pursue her dream of becoming the King of Games.


After dropping out of Duel Academy, Yukata Kisaragi had entered many duel tournaments in pursuit of her dream of being the King of Games, but she had never won any of the tournaments. After she saw a girl from her old school having her deck being stolen from some older boys, Yukata stopped them and challenged them to a duel, wagering her deck for the girl's deck back. In the end of the duel, Yukata had lost and had her deck taken from her too, but due to this, Yukata and the girl had became friends even though they both lost their decks in duels; the girl had introduced herself as Isami Tsutomu, a student of Duel Academy and in the same grade as Yukata (or would've been if she didn't drop out). At night during that day, Yukata's older sister, Wako, had heard of Yukata's defeat and losing her deck, so she had given her deck to Yukata and told her to find the guy who took her and Isami's decks and beat him in a duel. The next day, Yukata found the same guy from yesterday and challenged him to another duel, and Isami then later appears coming back from school and witnesses the duel. In the middle of the duel, Yukata was losing the duel even though she and her sister had very similar decks so she was used to it; on the boy Kisame's turn, he had summoned Yukata's favorite monster, Tenebrae Angel (Level 7, ATK2500/DEF2100), to the field and destroyed her defensive monster. After Kisame's turn ended, Yukata had a lucky draw for the card that could turn around the duel completely; she then had a vision and saw the pieces that could end the game in her victory, so she summoned her only monster, Knight of 2 Stars (Level 2, ATK100/DEF1000) in attack mode and activated the spell card Forced Transition, forcing Kisame to swap Tenebrae Angel for Knight of 2 Stars. After getting Tenebrae Angel back on her side, she begins to a voice coming from Tenebrae Angel thanking her, but she then ignores it and continues with her move starting with activating Tenebrae Angel's special effect, giving up 1000 of her life points and leaving her with only 100 left to cancel all effects of monsters for one turn and then attacks Kisame's only monster on the field, defeating him and getting back her and Isami's decks. As the story goes on, Yukata goes back to Duel Academy and is put into the same class as Isami, and Yukata also learns that she has the ability to foresee events and that she can also speak to Duel Monster Spirits.

Drive SummonEdit

Drive Summon is a new type of summoning introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! Elysium. The Drive Monster Cards are colored red and are summoned by sacrificing two or more monsters that have their attack points added to equal the attack of the monster wanting to be summoned from the player's hand or field. Each Drive Monster will have at least one special effect that requires the player to give up life points in order to be activated, for example: Tenebrae Angel makes the player lose 1000 life points to cancel all effects that could or has already happened for the current turn. Drive Monsters are put into the Main Deck and has a limit of 5 Drive Monsters per deck.


Main ProtagonistEdit

Yukata KisaragiEdit

Renamed Yukata Crossroad in English. She is a very boyish acting girl who had once dropped out of Duel Academy because she had thought it was a waste of her time since she only wanted to duel and become the King of Games, but she had later came back to Duel Academy because she was forced to by her grandfather after he had came to live with her and her sister. Due to her boyish behavior, she never dresses like a girl or even acts like one, this had made her be mistakened to be a boy on several occasions, which always makes her angry because she's a girl. She is 16 years-old and owns a D-Wheel she named Star Racer, which she had modified herself but rarely uses. She has the ability to see upcoming events in a duel but can only see glimpses of it and uses those foresights to change the future events. She can also talk to Duel Monster Spirits but most commonly speaks to Kuribat (Level 1, ATK300/DEF200). Her deck is called Heroes in the Dark and her ace and favorite monster is Tenebrae Angel (Level 7, ATK2500/DEF2000). She is voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki in Japanese and Tara Sands in English.

Main AntagonistsEdit

Mister MenosEdit

Renamed Mr. Minus in English. He is a very smart and muscular man who hides behind a mask and cloak. He is a master of illusions and had almost made Yukata give up dueling, but he was later defeated by her in a duel and had disappeared in a Death Game. His deck is called Negative Power and his ace monster is Negative Abyss Reaper (Level 12, ATK3500/DEF3500). He is voiced by Norio Wakamoto in Japanese and Michael McConnohie in English.

Commander RavenEdit

A sadistic military Commander and duelist. He likes to play around with his opponents before finishing them off wether it be in a duel or in a fight. He had teleported Yukata and her friends to the Duel Monster Spirit World without knowing and had planned on taking it over but was stopped by Yukata. His deck is called Heavy Army and his ace monster is Commander Mecha (Rank 9, ATK3000/DEF2700). He is voiced by Shigeru Chiba in Japanese and Gary Chalk in English.


Renamed Eclipse in English. He is a masked man who wants to engulf the world in darkness and had once taken control of Yukata but it was broken after her friends lost in a duel and almost died. He has no emotions and only cares about making the darkness rise to surface and take over everything in order to obtain Elysium. His D-Wheel is called Moonlight Tracer, his deck is called Midnight Knights, and his ace monster is Knightmare (Level 10, ATK2800/DEF2700). He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu in Japanese and Yuri Lowenthal.


Yukata's FriendsEdit

Isami Tsutomu - Renamed Isa Stram in English. She is a Duel Academy student and the best friend of Yukata. She is bad at dueling despite having so many rare and incredible cards. She is a descendent of the Kaiba family but is often regarded as the weakest link because of her lack of skills in dueling; her intelligence is the only thing that is keeping her family inside the Kaiba Corporation as an heir. She is a huge fan of the former Duelist King, Jack Atlas. Her deck is called Blue Eyed Guardians and her ace and favorite card is Blue Eyes Shining Valkyrie (Level 8, ATK2800/DEF2500). She is voiced by Ai Takabe in Japanese and Kate Higgins in English.
Wako Kisaragi - Renamed Wanda Crossroad in English. She is a Duel Academy graduate and a former Duelist Champion who retired to run their parents' card shop, Pierrot Cards. She is a sisterly woman who treats everyone like a younger sibling, because of this, she is very popular with boys. Her deck is called Waking Up even though her deck is very similar to Yukata's, and her ace monster is Joan the Paladin in Black (Level 7, ATK2400/DEF2100). She is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese and Wendee Lee in English.
Kazuya Kisaragi - Renamed Castor Crossroad in English. He is Yukata and Wako's grandfather and the person who taught them both how to duel. He had came to Neo Domino City to live with them because he had felt lonely in his house in Heart City and wanted to help in the Pierrot Cards, but the real reason was that he had just wanted to check on his granddaughters' progresses as duelists. He sometimes tries to peek into the bathroom whenever one of his granddaughters are taking a bath. His deck is called Dark Myths and his ace monster is Thief King Goemon (Level 7, ATK2800/DEF2000). He is voiced by Shinpachi Tsuji in Japanese and Robert Elliott in English.
Rael Winston - He is a Duel Academy student who loves to duel and will do anything to help a friend in need. He had became Yukata's friend after losing to her in a duel, since his first views of her were that she was a toughboy who thinks that he's the best at everything. His deck is called Hidden Ace and his ace monster is Trap King (Level 6, ATK2150/DEF1800). He is voiced by Junichi Kanemaru in Japanese and Jason Griffith in English.
Ikuto Gai - Renamed Ike Grayson in English. He is an intelligent and careful student of Duel Academy who is always very cautious when dueling, often making him take a long time to make his move. He befriended Yukata solely on the reason that she was a girl that he knew, since he is a self-proclaimed gentleman who is willing to take on any challenge and befriend every female he knows. His deck is called War Strategy and his ace monster is Kongming the Water Mirror (Rank 4, ATK1500/DEF2200). He is voiced by Takuma Terashima in Japanese and Jonathan Meza in English.
Kisame Sharq - Renamed Kidd Sharqs in English. He is the biggest punk in Duel Academy who had dueled Yukata six times in through out the series. His outside personality makes him look like a cold-hearted person who doesn't care for anything, but in actuallity, he is a very kind person who likes to help people. His D-Wheel is called Red Trail, his deck is called Dragon Ritual, and his ace monster is Blazing Assault Dragon (Level 8, ATK3000/DEF2500). He is voiced by Soichiro Hoshi in Japanese and Kirby Morrow in English.