We just can't like each other at the same time.

— Rohan Kuino

Yori Mizuna is a character from the Rohan Kuino Series. She is a skinny shy girl. Her parents are divorced, and she lives with her mother. Rohan first meets Yori in kindergarten. Yori thinks Rohan is so cute she wants to kiss him, while Rohan thinks the same thing about her, though they might feel that way on a day when the other isn't. They chase each other around the playground almost each morning in kindergarten. A running gag is that one will fall in love with the other one day, while the other dosen't share the same feelings.

She's usually shy and dosen't talk to Rohan or any of the other kids much, though she will sometimes attempt to chase Rohan. She can be comparable to Hinata Hyuga.

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