Yokuso ni Gaijin Kabei na Bouken!!!(華麗な外人の冒険へようこそ, Lit. "Welcome to The Outsider's Splendid Adventure!!!") is a parody/satire shounen jump-based manga written by Isho. It tells the story of Isho Nogami(assumed a false name), a dedicated otaku and Gaijin(foreigner) that has sacrificed all his lifes savings in order to come to japan and live the life of a nipponjin that he always wanted to, but things to not go as planned. The series comes in a roster of different feature length installments, and did not come as a televised anime, rather, being a movie saga similar to that of the rebuild franchise.

The Opening for this series




Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Isho Nogami Hiroki Yasumoto