Names Yin, Yang
Romanji Yin, Yan
Nickname Shaolin Twins
Voiced By

Akemi Kanda (S.U.H.)

Junko Noda (S.U.H. 2)

Race Chinese
Birthday December 10

18 (combined (S.U.H.)

22 (combined (S.U.H. 2)

13 (S.U.H. 3)

32 (S.U.H. 4)

Gender Females

4'3" (S.U.H.)

4'6" (S.U.H. 2)

4'9" (S.U.H. 3)

5'5" (S.U.H. 4)


166lbs. (combined(S.U.H.)

180lbs. (combined(S.U.H. 2)

103lbs. (Yang) & 101lbs. (Yin) (S.U.H. 3)

150lbs. (Yang) & 145lbs. (Yin) (S.U.H. 4)

Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Black
Blood Type O (Yin) & A (Yang)
Personal Status
Birthplace Xianning, China

Unnamed Master (Father)


Home schooled

Assassin Training (Yin (S.U.H. 4)


Street performers (when low in money (S.U.H.)

Mercenary (Yin (S.U.H. 4)

Dojo Master (Yang (S.U.H. 4)

Fighting Style
Fighting Style

Mirror-Style Shaolin Fist (Yin - right, Yang - left)

Baguazhang & Shaolin Fist (Yin (S.U.H. 4)


Unnamed Master

Unnamed Former Assassin (Yin (S.U.H. 4)


Ming Yu

Yin (Yang (S.U.H. 4)

Yang (Yin (S.U.H. 4)

"We fight for honor!" (Yin)

"We fight for food!" (Yang)


Yin is a proud but naive and gullible girl who fights in the name of her father. Because she of her pride, she trusts people too easily which often makes people worry about her. Though she doesn't act like it, she is very arrogant and often boasts infront of an opponent. In S.U.H. 4, she becomes a mercenary and her personality had became more serious and less naive after the years.

Yang is a lazy but smart and boyish girl who is usually motivated when she fights for food. Because of her laziness, she is often yelled at by her father and her sister. Unlike her sister, she acts arrogant but actually isn't, the opposite of her sister. In S.U.H. 4, she becomes the master of her father's dojo but has not changed much after the years.


Yin and Yang are both young children who both wear the same costumes in the first S.U.H. Tournament except they were reversed color swapped to look like mirror images, except Yin wore a bow with her hair. They both wear gold and white Chinese changpaos with gold and white Mandarin hats. Yin has a braided ponytail hairstyle with a red bow and Yang has a short boyish messy hairstyle.

In S.U.H. 2, Yin and Yang still look similar to the last tournament except they are taller and Yin wears a white skirt instead of white pants, but other then that, they look the same as before.

In S.U.H. 3, they are both their own individual characters but still look similar to each other, both are taller than before. Yin wears a gold Chinese dress with a short buttoned white jacket over it, white thigh socks, and gold kung-fu shoes. Yin has longer hair and has removed her bow but still has a braided ponytail. Yang wears the same Chinese dress except in white with an unbuttoned white short jacket over it, gold thigh socks, and white kung-fu shoes. Yang has longer hair but is still messy and now has a bit of gold hair dye on the left side of her bangs.

In S.U.H. 4, they are both different characters with a similar figure but different looks. Yin wears a tight black stealth suit, loose dark green camo pants with many belts that hold items, black leather gloves, black combat boots, and a red tied band on her left arm. Yin cut her hair to be shorter but is still longer than Yang's; she also has a scar on her right cheek. Yang wears a sleeveless white kung-fu shirt, red kung-fu pants, black kung-fu shoes, and black wristbands. Yang has longer unkempt hair than before that is now tied in a braided ponytail; she removed her hair dye.


Before they had joined the tournament, they were trained by their father, a former Shaolin Monk, in the mountains of Xianning, China. In their first S.U.H. tournament, they had joined to test their skills as fighters as their father instructed them to do, though because of this, they had to learn Japanese and travel to Japan to join their first tournament. Their father had no idea that the tournament was in Japan until the girls had already left China. When they were in Japan, they had befriended Hinamori and had to live with her for the tournament since their money was only enough for food.

They had to join each other as one person since they were underage to enlist in the tournament, so they had combined each others' traits as one person, having enough to be in the qualification limit. They had became rivals with a man named Ming Yu after since he was the only person that they had lost to so far in the tournament.

Season 2Edit

After two years had passed since their first S.U.H. tournament, Yin and Yang both grew up a little and learned more fighting skills from their father in Xianning. They travelled back to Japan in order to meet with Hinamori again before the start of the second S.U.H. Tournament they were going to enter. They joined the S.U.H. Tournament again to prove to their father that they are mature enough to live like adults so their father would respect and treat them like adults, so they entered the tournament without their father knowing, making him extremely worried.

Season 3Edit

Another two years has passed and now Yin and Yang are old enough to qualify in the S.U.H. Tournaments as different people. They traveled to America with the permission of their father to test out their new individual skills in the tournament so they would also have a chance to fight each other in a real fight for the first time. Yin and Yang also joined to settle an argument they had about their father's love that happened before they travelled to America.

Season 4Edit

After 20 years, Yin and Yang's father had gotten sick with a very deadly disease known as Lililumina Virus that put him in a coma five years ago, and they had failed to win the S.U.H. Tournaments every year. In order to gain the money to pay for their father's treatment, Yang became a dojo master in hopes to gain enough money to help her father while Yin disappeared 3 years ago. Yang had finally found Yin on the S.U.H. Tournament 3 years after her disappearance as an emotionless woman who cared for nothing but victory.

Before disappearing 3 years ago, Yin met with an old woman who used to be an assassin and was told of a way that could save her father but could only if she would be willing to train in assassination, which she wasn't but had thought of no other way of winning the S.U.H. Tournament to get the prize money for her father, so she accepted the offer and disappeared as if she never existed. Yin trained in Chinese assassination martial arts for three straight years and reappeared in the next S.U.H. Tournament after her training to win by any way possible to save her father's life, though she does not say much nor did she say anything to Yang or anything about her father.

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