Wild Ones!
Created by AnimeQueen97
Writer(s) AnimeQueen97
No. of episodes 50 (Season 1)

55 (Season 2;Current)

Run time 30 min
Rated TV-PG, TV-MA (D,L,S,V)
English Network FUNimation channel

Wild Ones (Doubutsu Shi no Frenzy!!)




Main ProtagonistsEdit

  • Miyuki Tonaka

Miyuki is the main character of the series. She is 15 years old and is a freshman in high school and she is the first to meet Ako and Kano, then later Minori and Akihiko. She then realizes that she has an inner Wildman in her. She does react when the guys transform and end up naked, or if one of them seduces or "harasses" her. She seems to be always be referred as "human" to many Wildmen, since she is the only human in the Wildverse. It may hint that she has feelings for Kano. But plenty of the males are attracted to her, which it still makes her uncomfortable. Her weapon is the Feline Rod and even though she is human, her inner Wildman is a cat. Her dub name is Maya Matterson.

  • Ako
  • Kano
  • Minori

Minori is the feminine bishonen in the group and he is the main fanservice in the anime, along with his brother and the rest of the handsome males. He is shy, quiet yet he is a skilled fighter like the others. He is often harassed by other males or mainly Akihiko, because of his appearance. He does have an interest in males, and whenever he sees one doing something naughty, he tends to blush and strangely likes the action. His weapon is the Prowl Whip and he is a cat Wildman.

  • Akihiko

Akihiko is the seductive one in the group (other than Minori). He is 17 and he is mainly flirts and seduces males and females, and often "gets what he wants", however despite his sex appeal, he has a dark secret that involves this. He is clearly naughty but sometimes serious in battle. His weapons are two guns called the Tiger Shooters. His dub name is Sorreil Heartstong.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Aya

Her dub name is Eva.

  • Fumio

Fumio is Takeru's little brother. His dub name is Danny.

  • Takeru
  • Yutaka

Yutaka is Minori's brother.

  • Toshiaki

Main AntagonistsEdit

  • Leiko Yamizaki

Leiko used to be Miyuki's classmate and friend, however she has a dark side, which was revealed in episode 36 that she controlled the Prowlers and was their leader.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Inkene
  • Mino


  • The Prowlers
  • The Saber Sharks
  • The Stingers
  • The Dart Dolphins
  • The Chamel-floge
  • The Seven Sea Squids
  • The Arch Arachnids
  • The Shadow Bats
  • The Wild Alphas
  • TBA


  • This show is based on Bleach, Sands of Destruction and Panty & Stocking.
  • This maybe a reverse harem anime. Due to Miyuki having plenty of guys coming on to her.
  • This anime has multiple of genres:
    • Shonen-Ai/Yaoi
    • Shojo
    • Reverse Harem (As said above)
    • Shonen
  • Basically, this anime is a mixture of Shojo and Shonen.