Wallaby Azumanga Animation
Format Anime series
Created by Hiroshi Nishikiori
Director(s) Kenichiro Watanabe
Takao Kato
No. of episodes 12
Run time 30 min.

Wallaby is an anime adaption of the manga of the same name written by Kiyohiko Azuma made by Azumanga Animation.


After Akira Warabi's accidental death, his guardian angel, Lalilalulala, places his soul in a stuffed wallaby made by his classmate Kokoro Kosaka as a memorial tribute. Kokoro agrees to let Warabi live in her bedroom while he waits to be returned to a human body. Lalilalulala decides this will not happen quickly, as Warabi seems to be happy where he is.


  • Kokoro Kosaka
Japanese: Kotono Mitsuishi
English: Angora Deb
  • Akira Warabi/Wallaby
Japanese: Daisuke Ono/Aya Hirano
English: Vic Mignogna/Wendee Lee
  • Lalilalulala
Japanese: Akane Omae
English: Hilary Haag
  • Kokoro's mother
Japanese: Tomoko Kotani
English: Prissy Hightower
  • Emi
Japanese: Kimiko Koyama
English: Sasha Paysinger
  • Emi's mother
Japanese: Yuka Koyama
English: Shelley Calene-Black

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