Rita Araújo
"Rita's complete faceclaim as well as her uniform"




Incomplete N-3 Solider

Current Status



Eastern Base of Brazil




Homo Sapien (Augmented)



Rita Araújo is one of the main characters of WWIII.

Personality Edit

Rita as she's in normal clothing and military clothing is a childlike personality, even though she's 22. She is a cheeky, cheerful person and full of mischievous ideas. Her sense of humor is very high and loves to lay back and chill. She is also one of the quickest-thinking characters and often analyzes a situation with great ease and accuracy. She is confident in her own abilities, often being humble about it; but when somebody compliments her, she gets easily embarrassed. She also seems to have a sweet tooth, loving everything that's sweet, as seen when she ate almost  all the snacks that her base had when she was younger. Despite her childish and playful demeanor, she is also extremely violent and highly disturbed. She usually describes her killing methods to be clean, without needless movements, which is a skill she seems to take pride in. She shows no hesitation to kill someone. Due to her current condition, she takes that very serious as she always wants to be at the top of her game. Sometimes she can be very twisted and that also mixes in with her childlike personality as well. Her dark humor is something to look out for.

Appearance Edit

Rita is a short woman, that is 5'6 but an athletic figure. Her skin is a tanish color as you see in the picture on the right and blonde hair. As you can see it's usually in a spiky bun type of way and her eye color is green. She weighs 138 pounds but can carry lots of weight with relative ease. Rita is a very pretty young woman and can easily deceive her human opponents. Her military suit is what you see on the picture on the right. It's tightfit on her and her boots are specially made for her N-3 type. She also has a few pouches on her legs and a utility belt carrying all types of tools.

Ninja-3 Solider Features Edit

Rita uses the N-3 Super Soldier class and she's not the first to be made. But her base in Brazil changed her and made her unique and unlike the other Ninja-classes. She is stronger and wields lightning with her equipment which makes her the best Ninja Solider there is. This class utilizes speed and strength to take out enemies in quick succession and keep the group's condition in top shape. She was made to be the main attacker of the team but she can switch roles whenever she likes. She comes with special modifications but due to an Icon 5 attacking her base, she is an incomplete solider and relies on a special made pill to keep her condition up and as well to keep her from dying from her own mods. That pill also helps her to stay alive and the longer she stays without it, the more her powers increase but the greater chance she has of dying and damaging herself more quickly.

Powers Edit

  • Enhanced Intellect: Rita's mind is virtually a computer built for strategy and problem-solving, one that works at optimal ability even when under stress and fatigue as she uses 80% of her brain. She also can observe and exploit, and can calculate distance, speed, and time at lightning speeds; her sense of timing is superb, bordering on perfection.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: The speed at which she reacts allows her to dodge fast-moving projectiles such as arrows and bullets. She can usually out-react even the fastest humans, no matter how well-trained.
  • Enhanced Speed: She has the ability to reach to speeds up to 30-40 mph. Sometimes when she pushes herself, she can go even faster, but because of her incomplete nature, she can damage her body when going past her normal speed or if she pushes herself too much. That's where the drugs come in. That pill regulates her body to not damage and possibly kill herself of overexertion.
  • Enhanced Strength: Her entire muscular system was hardened and fortified making Rita many times stronger than an average human to the point of twisting steel with her bare hands. She can place this capability into her strikes, allowing her the augment the concussive force of her attacks. Her strength should be sufficient enough to press about a 1 ton with relative ease. The pill is also very needed for this power because if she overexerts herself for a repeated time, it can lead to deadly consequences.
  • Healing Factor: With an accelerated ability to heal damaged tissue, the rate at which Rita's body recovers from injury is high. She can heal from gunshot woulds and stabs and minor woulds like that in days.  
  • Enhanced Agility: Rita's astonishing mobility allows her to attack from every position, move in the enemy's blind spot, and fight on any kind of terrain. In terms of defense, Rita takes full advantage of her agility to fall back quickly, dodge the enemy's attacks and react immediately after being hit.

Abilities Edit

  • Martial Artist Expert: Her primary form of combat is an idiosyncratic admixture of Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, Boxing, Jujitsu, and Ninjitsu.
  • Expert Marksman: Due in part to her training in Ninjitsu, Rita almost never misses her targets; 9/10 times she's successful.
  • Firearms Expert: Rita is an expert in firearms since she has been shooting guns since she was a little girl. Due to her enhanced intellect she is the perfect solider with a gun that no one should mess with. Not only is she a skilled marksmen but she is trained in the use of pistols, rifles, shotguns and even makeshift firearms. She is one of the best firearms user in her base.
  • Demolition: Rita is proficient with many different kinds of explosives. From small entry explosives to grenades and even high powered military grade firepower. She uses them sometimes in combat but prefers her guns.
  • Expert Melee Weaponist: She is very skilled at using any type of melee weapons. Even if she unfamiliarity with the weapon, she can still use to her advantage and in a unique way.

Equipment Edit


Her Twin Ajin Swords

Il fullxfull.381692749 k4ju

Example of how her swords are hanging at the waist, just without any of the holders. Just a little hole to slide them in.

  • Twin Ajin Swords: The Ajin Swords are Rita's primary melee weapon. The blade is titanium, mixed an unknown alloy that she "forgot" to find out. It's a very sharp blade but cannot cut through everything. Although it's a bit heavy for some soldiers, Rita has no problem handling it and can handle as though if it were a feather. It cannot break easily so it's the perfect sword for her. Although, the handle can break easily, this is unlikely to occur in fights. Also the swords have a little button the wooden parts that you see that when pressed, allows lightning to cover the whole blade of the sword and makes it stronger to cut through more things it couldn't have before. This helps a lot in battle because of the kaiju's very tough skin and armor. Rita keeps these swords mounted at the waist with a little hole to slide them in. Instead of having a belt the holds them, there is a small hole on her suit by her waist that is small enough for the blade to slide in and stop at the handle. So essentially the blade is facing down at the ground at an angle and whenever Rita wants to draw her swords, she reaches for the sword. For example since she's dual wielding, she has a sword on each side of her waist. She would use her right hand to go towards her left waist mounted sword, and pull it out and start fighting. Then the opposite with the other hand and sword. This is very effective in battle plus, she doesn't use a sheathe. The blade is also 2 and a half feet long because of her height.
  • GUN1

    Rita's Twin Rikudou Guns

    Twin Rikudou Guns: These guns that Rita use are really advanced as you can guess. The Rikudou Gun Series is an upgraded 2078 version of the Colt M1911. These guns are very rare in the world and not known at all as very few people know how to make a successful gun in this series. Fortunately Rita's base is very intelligent and could make this as this weapon is extremely powerful. The ammo in the gun are made of a special metal alloy that packs a punch and can go through almost any surface. The gun has built in laser sights, a built in suppressor to mask its shots and a switch to turn it from the modes of single fire, triple fire or fully automatic fire.The trigger to the guns are really sensitive so she is able to fire them at impressive speeds. Usually Rita is seen decorating her gun with silly, childish drawings or knife marks on them for fun. She has 10 mags for each gun and each mag has 30 bullets in them. She keeps the guns holstered pointing to the floor on her lower back back area. She also keeps the mags all around the utility belt and she is very flexible, so she has no problem reaching for the guns.
  • STUN

    Her Twin Shockers

    Twin Shockers: These guns are Rita's stealth guns. They can either be used for stealth missions or to paralyze kaijus. This gun is imbued with lightning ammo and shoots out really high voltages of lightning that can stun and/or paralyze a target for a long time. Mostly if Rita is in a tight situation, she pulls out this gun to give herself although this is when she's fighting lots of enemies on her own. This can also be used in stealth missions to give herself an advantage and time. Since these guns are super effective and can even bring the target close to death, using both can completely kill the target quickly no matter how big. Well not really... If it's an Icon 4 or higher, the guns will definitely stop them in their tracks but not kill them instantly. She keeps these guns in her middle back area pointing inward at each other. And again since she is very flexible she has no problem reaching for them.
  • Lightning Glove: As you see in the picture for Rita, on her left hand there's a metal finger-less glove that's normal, but on the right wrist in the picture you can see a gauntlet that extends a bit past her wrist and that is the Electric or Lightning Glove. This glove unlike the left one covers her whole hand and even the area past her wrist. This is so her hand doesn't get damaged by the extreme voltage of the glove. This weapon combined with her martial art expertise completely owns all enemies hoping to win in a melee/close range fight. One touch by the glove and the enemy is out. Only her base in Brazil is known to have effectively designed this weapon. The way to turn it on is to use the other hand to swipe her hand across the top of the glove and it turns on. That way anything she touches is electrified.

    Rita's throwing knives

    Throwing Knives (and bombs): Rita also has throwing knives specifically made by her base as well. The blades are made with a strong metal so that they are able to pierce lots of targets. But she also has little balls that are super compressed bombs. As you can see from the picture, the handle has a narrow space so that Rita ties a strong wire around it and around the small hole in the bomb. She then keeps it in a long pouch that is on her thighs. When she pulls it out, her electric glove zaps the blade so that it can pierce harder targets than its metal blade usually can. The electricity also zaps the bomb and sets off a timer so that when she throws the knife at the target, the bomb explodes as well. But hears the catch; the more electricity she puts into the knife as she pulls it out and throws it, the quicker the bomb explodes. The less electrirty she puts into the knife, the slower it takes for the bomb to explode. This also resonates with her enhanced intelligence since her sense of timing and calculations is excellent. Rita has 10 throwing knives with bombs attached to them in her left pouch on the side of her left thigh and 10 of them on her right pouch on the right side of the right thigh. She quickly opens her pouch, takes out the knife, sends lightning through it, and throws in one quick succession. And these bombs are super compressed so they all hold huge explosions.
  • Armor: Her armor is as you see in the picture of her above. Same color as well. Her armor is imbued with a bit of lightning as well, because that's what keeps weapons from injuring her too much. It helps the endurance of the armor itself since it's lightweight. Also, if an enemy has weapons with electricity in them, her armor makes her able to be completely immune to electricity unless they hit the areas where her skin is showing on her arms and neck. But because of her speed this is highly unlikely to happen.

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