This is my OC for World War III, a RP by my friend Thecryingwolf3553. Without further ado, here he is.

Cole Jaeger Edit

Appearance: Cole is a tall, muscular guy with a scar on his right cheek from an accident. His hair is dark brown, cut so the top of his hair resembles a mohawk. With bright amber eyes, a tall stature, and a height of 6'2", he stands out a bit from his fellow officers. Normally, he carries his special weapon either in his hands, or on his belt when he needs to use his guns. He carries two pistols on his belt and his special weapon: a Heat-Conduction blade that uses a thermal conduction system within the blade. The sheathe it's carried in acts as a cooling system to make sure the sword doesn't melt through the sheathe. His balanced weight makes him both strong and agile, allowing him to perform feats that no other soldier can, especially with his augmentations.

Personality: Cole is a rather quiet fellow who prefers to stay quiet than talk with a person. He is also a bit of a rebel, sometimes disobeying orders to help an innocent person. Due to this, some say he's anti-social and don't talk to him. He is a good person once you get to know him, and is a great and loyal friend. He'll risk his life to protect friends, allies, or anyone in between.

Assassin-16 Soldier Features Edit

Cole uses the A-16 Super Soldier class, albeit with heavy modifications. Due to the A-series being made for those who wish to be quick and agile, while being strong and armored enough to hold their own in a fight. The A-16 class is the advanced of this series, and there are various different A-16 Soldiers. Cole uses a heavily modified variation of this class, which allows for him to be quicker, quieter, and stronger. This comes at the cost of armor, but it's fine when you're using a katana to slice and dice your enemies.


  • Increased Agility: Cole's A-16 augmentations and armor allow him to move faster than any other series, the E-35 being an exception, possibly able to catch up. All A-16s run at speeds reaching approximately 25mph.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Cole's already quick reflexes are enhance to a higher level with the augmentations, allowing him to react with in a parasecond of recieiving stimuli, cutting apart bullets the moment they reach the range of his sword. He's even able to shoot other bullets out of the air.
  • Increased Durability: With this augmentation, Cole has the durability of a boxing bag, but he is vulnerable to bullets and such due to his need for light armor. An enhanced healing factor capable of healing a missing finger within a mony or so makes up for the lack of armor.
  • Enhanced Dexterity: The augmentations give Cole enhanced dexterity, to the point where he can fire a pistol at a rate of fire similar to that of an SMG. Cole will normally use this with his custom pistols, emptying his clips of 16 each within a few seconds of pulling the triggers, reloading constantly. He does tend to use his sword more often, keeping his pistols holstered until the end of his mission.
  • Minor Intuition: A few augmentations to his brain allow Cole to perform complex calculations with in a few seconds, allowing him to angle his bullets just right so they ricochet of surfaces. A side effect is that he will have a minor level of intuition.


  • Master Swordsmanship: Prior to joining, Cole had undergone training for swordsmanship under his own jurisdiction. He's trained in Kendo, Kenjutsu, Iaido, and other fighting styles for a katana. Due to this, he tends to stand out among others with similar training and A-16 frames.
  • Stealth Expert: Cole has also done training in Ninjutsu and other stealth techniques. The A-16 class was designed with this in mind, so the armor he wears is meant to move quickly, quietly, and utilizes a special optical camouflage system. All others in the A-16 line have this feature as well, but Cole utilizes it with rather unorthodox methods, such as in combat; he'll attack with his sword, cloak himself and fire off his guns, then sneak around and silently take out the enemies, much similar to a predator situation in the Batman: Arkham series. Some respect Cole for doing this, others criticize his odd and questionable methods.
  • Firearms Expert: Cole has been trained in firearms, and will not hesitate to grab a shotgun and blow off some poor fellow's head. However, Cole is more used to using his customized pistols, and his augmentations allow him to fire at extremely high rates of fire.
  • Expert Strategist: Before joining, Cole was a smart fellow who tended to make plans when he was in group projects during his school years. Enhanced by his augmentations, Cole can now form plans after analyzing the situation and taking in all possible factors, almost like a supercomputer. He uses these skills often, especially due to his position as a spec ops soldier.
  • Expert Freerunner: Cole has had parkour training prior to joining the military. When he couldn't continue the class, he had to teach himself to freerun, and now uses this to a great extent. Comes in handy when you run stealth missions.
  • Mediocre Hand-to-hand combatant: Cole has done training in unarmed combat, but prefers not to, sticking to his sword or other weapons. If forced into unarmed combat, he'll take you down as quickly as possible.


  • Heat-Conduction Blade - Katana variant: The Heat-Conduction Blade is standard issue among the A-series soldier, notably due to their role as stealth operatives. Each sword has a thermal conducting metal that will automatically channel thermal energy into the blade, superheating the exterior of the blade so the sword acts quite literally like a hot knife through butter. The alloy of the sword blade is called Pyrotanium, made from an alloy of steel, aluminum, and small traces of Titanium, which allows for a natural conduction of heat energy through the alloy's mass almost instantly, two to three seconds after activation. Each sword is given a toggle switch for the heat conduction element of the sword, and each sheathe has a cooling system built-in. Cole carries a HC Blade in the form of a katana, which has earned him the nickname "Cyborg Ninja". The overall size of the sword is about 6 inches short than Cole's height, making the sword 5'8" in length.
  • Dual C1611 pistols - Blessed and Cursed: The C1611 pistols of 2078 are an upgrade to the Colt M1911A1 pistols of our current-day life. Cole uses a pair of these guns in conjunction with one another, dual-wielding them with lightning speed. Each one is customized to increase their firing rates and decrease recoil, as well as a few cosmetic changes. As their names suggest, Blessed uses a normal ejection port and slide which ejects spent brass to the right, away from him, and a chrome-plated design. Cursed has a reversed ejection port and slide which ejects the bullet casing to his left, away from him as well, and a dark chrome design. The reason for Cursed having a reversed ejection port and slide is because Cursed is meant to be used exclusively in the left hand. Both also uses double-stack magazines that carry 16 bullets each, along with ten extra magazines on a pouch attached to his thigh armor, one pouch on each thigh with ten extra mags each. This means he carries 22 mags, loaded ones counted, overall, 352 bullets on him at all times on missions. Both also use built-in suppressors with reinforced slides and upgraded iron sights for stealth missions.
  • Throwing Knives: Using the same technology as the HC Blade Cole carries, these knives are able to be used as ranged and melee weapons, obviously. He keeps six knives on him, three in a triple set of sheathes next to his ammo pouches. Cole also carries an additional ten on the back of his waist, below his pistol holsters.

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