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Undone is an action/comedy series created by Studio Pandora. It is a apparent fuse between Fullmetal Alchemist and Dragon Ball Z. It was televised and is divided into several volumes.


During an unknown period of history, an event known as the Schism occured, seperating our world from this one. In the Other World, several individuals eventually developed special skills called Enhancements. These individuals were drafted into Other World's government, told to protect the world at any cost. This is the story of some of those people.


  • Kotsu- Main character. Enhancement: Aura (ability to control Lighting)
  • Shade- Current leader of the Talented. Enhancement: Pyro (Ability to control Fire)


Volume 1: The TalentedEdit

Chapter Title
1 Shade Black
2 Kotsu James
3 Talents
4 Disturbance
5 Rouge Talented
6 Aura

Volume 2: The SacrificesEdit

Chapter Title
7 Human Sacrifice
8 Wrath
9 Lies
10 Truth
11 The Child
12 Core

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