Tyron design for g e d by raptorrex07-d39x8nj
A member of supernaturally enhance T-rexes. Tyron is pretty much your average tough guy. Tyron homeland is unkown, but him and his mother lived on Monster Island where his made friends Cyra and Godzilla Jr, and grew up. After his mother died of old age, he discover an egg she had laid. Tyron took the egg to seemingly uninhabited island for it to hatch. The baby hatch from her egg, and Tyron named his new little sister Tiaonna after his deseased mother. Tyron had since then dedicated his life to rise his sister. However recently he had a dream that seams to bother him.


Gary Oak meets Tyron when he freed his sister. At first Tyron was poised to attack, but Gary's ambulet appears giving him the ability to talk to Kaiju. Tiaonna convinces Tyron to spare Gary. Tyron then was curious about Gary talking, thinking that humans are like ants, mindless drones. The Grand Cosmic Fairy appears and explain to the two their destiny. Tyron sends Tiaonna to go play with Zilla's kids, while he and Gary get to know one another.


Plasmatic fire breathe , electricity, strong immunse system, tough hide, powerful jaws, absorbs electricity and heat, senestivie to ground vibrations, spike tail, and can create electrical force field.


Tyron is set to be in his own comic called TYRON UNLEASHED

Tyron is raptorrex07 favorite monster in the comic. He plans that Tyron will be the U.S equalivent to Japans Godzilla.

Where Godzilla is a tribute to the horror of nuclear bombs, Tyron is a sort of like the Infamous Y2K Bug Scare. Tyron's electricity can short out electronic applences.

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