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Male Announcer: Welcome back folks, to a new epi--

Female Announcer: To a new episode of Trinity Vampire! Episode 2 - A New Friend.


(In the Shuzen mansion)

Yuuki: (Yawns) It's Saturday...(Looks at clock) Yet I woke up at 8:45am -.-"

Akuha: Morning sis! I made you breakfast! (She puts down a tray, which has a bowl of cereal and orange juice)

Yuuki: When did you wake up?

Akuha: 15 minutes ago...I'll be at the park if you need me...(She runs downstairs)

Yuuki: ....(Thinks) She got up early as well? But what for...? (Eats the cereal and drinks half of the juice) I should get going to meet Akuha...(Runs out of the room, grabbing a jacket and putting it on) Dad, I'm going out!

Haruka: Be careful, Yuuki and have a good time!

Yuuki: Sure will! (Opens the door and walks out) Opening Start!

(At the park, Akuha is sitting on a swing) Akuha: Hey oneechan! (She waves) Yuuki: Akuha-san ^.^ (Runs to her)

Akuha: I saw a group of boys gathering around for some reason...

Yuuki: (Sits on the swing next to Akuha) Awfully strange...

(A bat flies onto Yuuki's shoulder)

Yuuki: Hey Kou..

Kou: Haruka-sama told me to come watch you...

Akuha: Again..oh look, that commotion is starting again!

(Yuuki, Akuha and Kou watch a group of boys gather around a nearby woods, a brown-haired boy catches their attention)

Akuha: I wonder who he is....

Yuuki: Hm...

(The group of boys suddenly jump back as a black mutant dog creature dashes from the forest)

Kou: Holy...

Akuha: What the hell is that?

(The brown-haired boy backs off, but the creature jumps onto him)

???: Gah! Get this thing off me!

Yuuki: I've got to help! (Runs up to the creature and throws a stick at it, the creature growls and dashes forward)

???: No! She's just a girl!

(The creature pounces onto Yuuki as a red light flashes around her)

???: (Gasp) That seems familiar...

5 minute break

(Yuuki is replaced with Moka, and Moka kicks the creature into the tree) Moka: Another shadow creature....begone! (She kicks the creature in its head, then throws it into the air)

Akuha: I got this! (She jumps up, and kicks the creature far)

,(The two girls land on the ground infront of the boy)

???: That was must be the vampire that everyone has been talking about..

Moka: Heh..humans these days, see one unnatural thing, they tell the whole world...typical.

Akuha: Excuse my sister ^.^" I'm Akuha-Marie Shuzen and that is Moka-Yuuki Shuzen.

???: My name is Mark Williams...

Akuha: Nice to meet you Mark.

Kou: Girls, we should be going!

Akuha: Ah, cut this short, hope we see you again, bye! (She runs off, Kou follows behind her)

Moka: Untill we meet again...I guess...

Mark: I'll be waiting for that day...

(Moka runs off after her sister as the screen fades to the ending)

Ending start!

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