Male Announcer: Now it's time fo--

Female Announcer: That's my line, anyway, time for Trinity Vampire, Episode 1!


(Outside of a school)

Yuuki: Finally! School is over for the weekends!

Akuha: Don't sound too excited, we'll be going back Monday.

Yuuki: -.-" Don't remind me.

Akuha: ^.^" Sorry..just pointing out incase you forgot.

Yuuki: ...Why would I forget?!

Akuha: Jesus Christ, calm down.

Yuuki: Sorry, sorry.

(A shadow passes the two girls)

Yuuki: ...?

Akuha: What the...?

???: You girls smell nice..I bet your blood would too...

Akuha: It's a...vampire! Run! (She starts running)

Yuuki: Wait up! (She follows after but trips) Oof!

Akuha: Yuuki!

???: Heheheh--huh?
(A glowing red light surrounds Yuuki and she changes)thumb|218px|right|The Opening Song: Dancing in the Velvet Moon (The vid is not the actual opening)


???1: W-W-What's this?


???2: You should think twice about attacking me...(She spins to turn to the vampire and kicks it into the water)

???1: Gah!

Akuha: Y-Yuuki-san? I-Is that you?

???2: I do not go by that weak name, my Moka.

Akuha: ...H-Huh?

Moka: You see, Akuha-san, what happened was a reaction, and my awakening. With Yuuki being in danger, it automaticaly alerts me.

Akuha:'re like...a split personality?

Moka: Of course...

5 Minute Break

(At a mansion)
Yuuki: I-I'm sorry, what happened? I can't...remember...

Akuha: got knocked the vampire, someone saved you.

Yuuki: Oh, ok then (The two girls enter the mansion)

(A male is standing in the hallway)

Akuha: Hey father!

Haruka: My girls, how was your day?
Yuuki: Mostly boring...

Haruka: Anyway, someone is waiting for you in your room, Yuuki.

Yuuki: Huh? Ok..(She runs up the stairs and enters a room, where a young girl is sitting on the bed)

???: You must be Yuuki-san ^.^

Yuuki: And you are?

???: Isabella Brooks, but you can call me Bella.

Yuuki: Oh yeah, I met you at a nearby park, you go to the school next to mine...

Bella: You bet! I came to say that you dropped this (She holds out a book)

Yuuki: Oh, thanks.

Bella: Well, I'd better be going, my house is only a few blocks away, so you can feel free to meet, it's kinda boring...

Yuuki: Ok then.

Bella: See ya! (She exits the room and runs down the staircase)

(Yuuki sits down on her bed, and Haruka enters)

Haruka: Akuha told me something happened when you two were coming home..

Yuuki: ...A rogue vampire attacked us..

Haruka: Ah, I see, she also said that a split personality appeared of you..

Yuuki: ...Moka?

Haruka: Seems so, she seemed pretty ticked off when shthumb|right|190px|Ending Theme: Broken Wingse appeared accoring to Akuha.

Yuuki: -.-" She always is when she has to switch with me to defend.

Haruka: Well, you better get some rest.

Yuuki: Sure, night..

Haruka: Good night, Yuuki-san. (He leaves the room)

(Yuuki lays on her bed, her necklace glows as the screen fades)


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