Tomohiro-kun is an anime. It was produced by well-known Studio Pierrot and ran for 4 seasons and 26 per. season from March 17, 2007 from March 20, 2011 in the 9:30am timeshot.

The series was first imported into the USA by FUNimation in April 2007 and ran on Funimation Channel and Cartoon Network. The series was very popular in Japan, South Korea, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and many others. Unlike many anime shows at the time, the series was produced in a combination of traditional animation and computer animation.


List of Tomohiro-kun episodes


List of Tomohiro-kun characters


  • Japan: TV Tokyo
  • South Korea: Tooniverse
  • United States: Cartoon Network
  • Canada: YTV, Télétoon
  • United Kingdom: CITV, Disney XD
  • Ireland: RTÉ Two, Disney XD
  • Latin America: Cartoon Network
  • France: TFOU TV, Disney XD
  • Germany: Disney XD
  • Spain: Clan TVE
  • Italy: K2, Italia 1
  • Portugal: Canal Panda
  • Australia: Network Ten, Cartoon Network
  • New Zealand: Cartoon Network
  • Russia: TNT
  • Southeast Asia: Animax Asia
  • India: Cartoon Network
  • Middle East: Spacetoon
  • Israel: Disney Channel

DVD distributorsEdit

  • Japan: Victor Entertainment
  • United States/Canada: FUNimation Entertainment
  • United Kingdom: MVM Enttertainment
  • France: TF1 Video

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