Plot Edit

5 people have been chosen to protect dimentions in the universe. They are Yuuki, X, Leraku, Gray and Mark. Their goal is to keep the universe peaceful, but it's not an easy task. With two main enemies, Sigma and Neo Gray, this adventure will be one of the most exicting, magicial yet dangerous one yet.

Characters Edit


Yuuki is an immortal vampire with a dark and mysterious past. Yuuki herself doesn't know much about it, but hopes she will find some memories on the way of the journey. Her main skills are magic, i.e shape-shifting and spell casting. The other guardians are her close friends, so she doesn't really like it when they risk their lives/get hurt for her sake. Appearance: Brown hair with blue eyes. Personality: Kind, shy, mysterious, curious.


X is a Maverick Hunter, hunting the Maverick Sigma. While he was a child Sigma killed X's parents, so X go out to find and destroy Sigma. Along the way he eats a fruit making him turn into a "Rubber Man" but he loses the ability to swim. after a while X finds two friends called Zero and Axl, then they go to the Maverick Hunter Head Quarters and become hunters showing them they're skills. X is a B Class Hunter, Zero is a Z class hunter and Axl is a C class hunter. X's abilities are to use his basic rubber abilites and he also has the ability to go Super Saiyan 1-10, Have the X Armors and use his basic weapon the X Buster. his personality is Kind Caring Deep Serious Calm and within him Evil and Demonic for his Hollow half. Namkcor.


[Info coming soon]


[Info coming soon]


Mark's Appearance - Brown hair with green eyes. Mark's Personality - Friendly, serious, questionable.

Kram's Appearance - Black hair with red eyes. Kram's Personality - Short-tempered, quiet, serious, Doesn't go easy.

Mark is a Yoko, which is Japanese for Demon Fox, not a real fox, a form as you may call it. Mark was cold and evil in the past but a mysterious swordsman changed him. His main skills is elements, fire, ice and lightning. He carries a katana with an elemental jewel inside it, called the E-Katana. He has a crush on one of the gurardians, Yuuki, which is one of the reasons why he risks his life to save her. he also has a split personality, Kram.

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