Time Splitters Invaders of History

TimeSplitters: Invaders of History is an anime that has ten episodes starring Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart as they attempt to stop the TimeSplitters from destroying history.


The anime starts in the year 2401 when Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart are sent to a TimeSplitter infested space station where a time portal is being built. Their objective is to retrieve the Time Crystals. However, before they can reach them, the TimeSplitters take them into different time periods of the past. They must be followed and the time crystals retrieved.


Protagonists English VA Japanese VA
Sgt. Cortez
Corp. Hart
Ilsa Nadir
Gregor Lenko
Jake Fenton
Lady Jane
Mr. Underwood
Hank Nova
Candi Skyler
Harry Tipper
Kitten Celeste
Elijah Jones
Ramona Sosa
Captain Ash
Jungle Queen
Gretel MK II

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