This is an Anime rendition of Thundercats.

Fictious Voice ListEdit

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Cheetara Yuka Imai Wendee Lee
Panthro Jouji Nakata Christopher R. Sabat
Tygra Tetsuya Kakihara Jason Griffith
Wilykit Aya Hirano Monica Stori
Wilykat Miyu Irino Matt Hill
Snarf Satomi Korogi Bill Farmer
Slythe Toshiyuki Morikawa Dee Bradley Baker
Monkian ??? Joe Alaskey
Jackelman ??? Samuel Vincent
Vultureman Junichi Kanemaru Don Brown
Mumm-ra Norio Wakamoto Robin Atkin Downes
Luna Ai Orikasa Susan Silo

(More to Come)


  • From the current 2011 Thundercats, Will Friedle reprises his role as Lion-O in his teen to adult form as do Robin Atkin Downes for Mumm-ra, Dee Bradley Baker as Slythe, and Tara Strong as Lion-O in his kid form.

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