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The Making of Planet Earth is an Computer Animated Anime series that is based on Prehistory and Dinosaurs and how the earth was formed, It will be a long running series but will have 30 minutes of each episode, It will be rated G - PG, Humans will be drawn in anime form similar to those of perspective of vocaloids.


  • 1. The Precambrian (4500 MYA - 541 MYA) The earth starts off as a lifeless planet, then some mars size planet hits us forming the moon, earth began to cool and water forms, It goes the the life of precambrian and life begins to evolve.
  • 2. Cambrian Explosion (500 MYA) (Banff, Alberta, Canada) The story follows and Anomalocaris, The first super predator ever on earth who struggles to survives being Injured, They are endangered and is near it's last legs, She feeds on trilobites as her pray, but weeks of not eating has weakened her and she eventually died, and the trilobites and the so were the Haikouicythys.
  • 3. The Ordovician (450 MYA) (New York City, New York, U.S.A) The story follows two Trilobite one male, one female struggling to survive an Orthocone and Sea Scorpion condition, days on earth at this time is about 21 hours long.
  • 4. The Water Dwellers (Silurian) (South Whales, U.K) The Story follows a Young Cephalaspis struggling to survive, She grows but died to a Brontoscorpio before she reached her full size.
  • 5.

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