"For All that is true,just,good,and AWESOME!"-The UAA Motto

The United Alliance of Awesome is an alliance made up of Channel Awesome,its branches,The Black Order,and various Anime Characters. It was formed by The Anime Ace , The Angry Video Game Nerd, The Nostalgia Critic, Captain S, Allen Walker, and Lenalee Lee to counter the threat of The Neo Machine Empire of Baranoia and later evil intergalactic/interdimentional empires,terrorist groups, and radical cults.

Leaders (The Big 7)Edit

The Anime Ace-The Main leader and chairman of the UAA,he listens to everyone's ideas and consults them with his fellow leaders. Also he has plans of reviewing retro anime shows and movies in his show "Nostanime"

The Angry Video Game Nerd-In charge of game reviews, he has a special ROB-Unit assist him in sorting reviews, he also keeps an eye on the video game world.

The Nostalgia Critic-In charge of Nostalgic Movie Reviews and keeps an eye on the world of retro superhero cartoons

Captain S-Same job as The Nerd only keeping an eye of glitch groups.

Allen Walker-In charge of supernatural advancement of the UAA,also Allen and Lenalee are the eyes of The Black Order Branch and keep an eye on demon worshiping cults and the Noah Family

Lenalee Lee-Same job as Allen

Jiro (Kikaider)-In charge of technical advancement of the UAA and keeps an eye on extraterrestrial threats





Nostalgia Chick

Angry Joe

Handsome Tom

8-Bit Micky



Iron Liz

Klaud Nine

Nigel Edmund Silverman(NES)


Sir Super Mecha Battle Komlin


That Chick with Goggles

Chester A. Bum-He and the other 4 bums stay there because they don't anywhere else to live,they do bum reviews and pester the members asking for change loudly. However The Big 7 and the others put up with it(Cinema Snob puts up with it the least.).

Spencer D. Bum

Lester B. Bum

Joseph C. Bum-A bum clone of the Anime Ace created by Dr.Insano as a experiment of creating a copy of another person with a personality of another,instead of change he asks for Yen and Wii Points, he eats mayo and pretzel sandwiches with a drink of mixed of root-beer,milk,and egg yolks which according to Insano is because of the chemical compounds in the substance used to create Joseph is also found in foods that Joseph eats.

90's Kid

Socalo Winters

Kyle Justin The Music Guy


2-D Lee

Lavi Bookman

Krory Arystar

Howard Link

Little Miss Gamer


Bennett The Sage

Cyborg 009 (AKA Joe)

The 00 Cyborgs

The Dudette

The Cat

Harvey Finevoice

Ensign Munro

Rollo T

Dr. Gonzo


Ninja-Style Dancer

Froi Tiedoll

Noise Marie


The Angry Joe Army(An army of Angry Joe clones)

The Cocktails(Harvey's gang of New York Gangster vigilantes)

Temporary MembersEdit

Dr.Smith(To get revenge on Bacchus-Neos for not paying him for the evil robot spiders Dr.Smith made for him)

Dr.Insano(To prevent the Machine Empire taking over the world before he can and to prove that he is more "Sciencyer")

Mecha MembersEdit

King Pyramider

Choriki Moblies

GalaxyMega & Delta Mega(AKA the Astro Brothers)

The Protector Beasts

Red Puncher




Silver Brachion

Non-Battle MembersEdit

Ask That Guy

Mitsuko Komyoji

Komui Lee

Miranda Lotto

Pollo The Robot

Cyborg 001


Burton The Robot

Acha and Kocha

Light Yagami & Misa Amane(Alternate reality versions)

Shinigami Light

Online Battle MembersEdit


Master Chief

Marveller figure

Greg the Spider


Crossfusion Megaman figure

Puppet Master Jester Figure

Daimugen figure

Dalek Cann and Sec figures

Phil the Trekbot

Roy Mustang Figure(AKA Plastic Roy)

Breakaway Figure

E-102 Gamma figure


The Ultramen

Anime Heroes

Earth Defenders

The Smash Bros. of Justice

Movie Autobots

The Avengers

Green Lantern Corps and its allies

Mavrick Hunters

Kamen Riders

Sentai Army

The Awesome Alliance United(The UAA from the other side of reality)


Black Order European Branch

Channel Awesome World HQ

Underground of The United Nations Building in New York City


The Anthem is a re-lyriced version of Ultraman Taro's theme


Charge! For All that is Good n Awesome!

The Anime Ace!

Allen Walker and Lenalee!

Nerd,Critic, and Captain and Kikaider!

The Big Seven!

Leaders of UAA!

Army of what is right and true!

When evil rises!

With the cosmos in its clutches!

We will count on you!

Power of the cosmos!

The mighty UAA!

Thwarting darkness and protecting,

All life near and far!

Beyond the sun and the moon!

Beyond the galaxy and stars!

Stand Strong!

Stand Strong!

Stand Strong!

United Alliance Awesome!

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