The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat (anime style)
Format Anime series, Crazy Comedy
Created by Manta-bee, Otto Messmer (character), Don Oriolo
No. of episodes 36 Episodes
Run time 30 Minutes
English Network The Viz
Starring Malie Flanagan, Kyle Hebert, Michaela Dietz, Coleen O'Shaughnessy
First aired June 2013

The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat (anime style) is an anime version of the original show.


Cast Edit

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Felix Motoko Kumai Maile Flanagan
Rosco Toshihiko Seki Kyle Hebert
Sheba Beboporeba Suzuko Mimori Michaela Dietz
Candy Kitty Hitomi Nabatame Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Poindexter Urara Takano Wendee Lee
Master Cylinder
More TBA

Notes Edit

In "Bet a Billion Bill", the plot point for the English version was that Felix caused Bill bad luck by crossing his path. In the Japanese, since black cats are considered good luck, Bill was initially pleased and hoped Felix would bring him good luck, only to get hit by karma and lose everything and go mad from the revelation.

In "The Milky Way", Felix grabs at what he thinks to be cottage cheese, but it really turns out to be a (female) hippo's behind and she slaps him. This part is cut, only skipping to when he gets slapped, but is intact in the DVD.