The Towering Inferno is a Japanese anime remake of the 1974 disaster movie by Irwin Allen.


Architect Jane Jackson has come into New York for the opening of the new Glass Tower (140 floors high) which she designed for owner Abraham Duncan. During routine checkings, an electrical flareup in the main utility room is heard and starts a small fire on the 81st floor. Jackson first pays a visit to the son-in-law, Alex Simmons who believes the wire is inspected and approved. After a showing of the lights and the start of the party in the promenade room, Jackson and her assistant, George Powell order the overload shut off. Eventually, the small fire becomes a roaring inferno. The NYFD is alerted. And now it is up to Jackson and 2nd Battalion Chief, Silas Rogers to save hundreds of people trapped in the building.



  • Yuka Imoto ... Jane Jackson
  • Jurota Kosugi ... 2nd Battalion NYFD Chief, Silas Rogers
  • Hideo Ishikawa ... Abraham Duncan
  • Wakana Yamazaki ... Marge Powell
  • Masato Hirano ... Alex Simmons


  • Daniel Craig ... 2nd Battalion NYFD Chief, Silas Rogers
  • Jodi Benson ... Jane Jackson

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