The Squirt Scouts is a movie scheduled to air on the Right Stuf Network. It will follow the adventures of a group of young boy and girl scouts.

The Squirt Scouts

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The members of Squirt Scout Troop 25 are instructed on how to bake cookies and are invited to a skating party; But, having never tried either activity, Mandy worries that she will not earn her merit badges. Donuts, donuts, a mountain of donuts. Mandy rubs her stomach. She'd like to eat them, but the Squirt Scouts are going to sell them. Door-to-door. To earn badges and help pay for a weekend at camp. Scoutmaster Jefferson, their troop leader, plus one mother will go to camp too. Mandy can't wait to swim and hike and sing around the campfire!

But when the Squirt Scouts are tucked away in their tents for the night, a strange and scary voice calls out, "OOOO ooo eee!" Mandy shivers. Is it a tiger? Or could it be a spooky ghost?

AUGUST IS HELP-A-PET month! The Scouts decide that the best way to help homeless animals is to raise money at a yard sale. It's going to mean a lot of hard work. But, in the end, the Squirts might be lucky enough to get a pet of their own!

"Rat's knees!" said Mariah. "School starts tomorrow." Luckily, the Squirt Scouts have a meeting the next day. That's when they find out about the big surprise ahead. At the weenie roast, their Scout leader, Scoutmaster Jefferson, tells them about a soccer game coming up."We're going to play against Troop 15 from Oakglen," he says."Yeah!" cheers Henry "We'll win!" Every day, under blue skies, the Squirts practice hard. Helen cheers. But Denny just wants french fries. Team spirit is what it takes. Can Troop 24 win the big game?

As Halloween approaches, Scoutmaster Jefferson puts the Squirts to work earning their treats by writing scary stories, making costumes, and bringing food to the local food bank -- all for the less fortunate kids in town.

Halloween is here. Parties, costumes, pumpkins. The Squirt Scouts listen to Scoutmaster Jefferson tell them all about the holiday plans. First, a trip to Mr. Dearing's pumpkin farm. Next, carving the pumpkins with a safe tool. Then, the big Halloween party! Mandy is so excited about the fun and the food and games that the scouts will play. She even plans her own special good deed. But when Scoutmaster Jefferson tells the Squirts where the Halloween party will be, Mandy almost cries. Oh, no! Not there. Bad news for Mandy means grumpy pumpkins everywhere.

It's wintertime. Time for the Squirt Scouts to head for the slopes--the bunny slopes. How do you start? How do you stop? The Squirts have lots of questions to ask about skiing. But the Squirts' biggest question comes when a snowstorm leaves them stranded in their van on the way home. Without food.Will they have to eat each other? Later, in a Christmas celebration, Mrs. Jefferson has a baby.

Everyone knows that Steven likes Mariah. The Scouts tease them during their Scout meeting. Scoutmaster Jefferson tells the Scouts how to earn badges for first aid. Then he helps them make valentines that hold messages. Secret messages. Poems. All that mushy stuff.

"I want a boyfriend," says Mandy when Valentine's day approaches. "And I want a first-aid badge."

Busy, busy, busy. The Scouts work on valentines and first aid. Mandy works on a secret plan.

Uh-oh. A certain Scout better watch out.

The Squirt Scouts are getting into shape. It's exercise and sports galore! Scoutmaster Jefferson explains each event and tells the Scouts how to earn the Fitness badge. Mandy gets excited. About the bicycle race. Softball. Push-ups too.

But push-ups are hard when your underwear's too light. And Mandy's not sure about aerobic dancing with Mrs. Getz. What should she wear?

Step and skip. Step and skip. Soon the Scouts are all worn out. Knees high! Try, try, try. Can this pooped troop of Squirts get that badge?

It's springtime, and Mandy is ready to start saving the earth. If other people won't recycle, it's up to her and the rest of the Squirt Scouts to do it for them. Scoutmaster Jefferson is offering a special prize for whoever does the most creative thing with trash. But how can you be creative with smelly old trash?

Who's that kid with the wheels? Is he a visitor? No, he's Shanon, the new Squirt Scout. Mandy is worried. She can't think of anything to say to someone new. But she is more worried about earning her hobby badge.

The Squirts are ready to play ball, but Mandy is nervous. No matter how hard she tries, she can't seem to hit the ball. Steven is laughing at her, and Mariah is worried. It's not the winning or the losing that's important, it's how you play the game. Leave it to Mandy to come up with a very, very creative way to play the game.

It's spring, and the Squirts are planning an exciting bike hike. But first, they have to learn some important safety rules. Mandy enjoys using hand signals and wearing her shiny new helmet. Steven thinks rules are dumb. He likes to do wheelies and ride without holding on to the handlebars. Scoutmaster Jefferson warns Steven to stop acting so crazy--he could fall and hurt himself. But Steven never listens. Mandy is afraid he'll ruin the whole trip. Will Steven learn his lesson before it's too late?

The Squirts are visiting the Lazy I Ranch, where they get to wear cowboy hats, learn how to throw a lasso, and go horseback riding. There's even a spooky ghost town to explore. The only down side is the big square dance scheduled for the end of the weekend. None of the girls wants Steven or Denny for a partner. Mandy has a plan to avoid dancing with them. Will it work?

Summer vacation is here and all of the Squirts are excited about their new swimming badge. All, that is, except for Mandy, who doesn't know how to swim and is afraid of the water. Can Mandy earn her badge without actually getting wet? She does her best to avoid the water, but when the day of Shanon's big pool party arrives, it's time for Mandy to sink or swim!

The Squirts have to fill a time capsule to earn their last badge of 2000. But what one tiny thing will leave a lasting impression for scouts of tomorrow? It's not an easy question, but the Squirts are up to the challenge--and eager to make their mark on the future.


(more coming soon)



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