The Spongehead Lives is the eighth episode of Baka-Chan. It pays an homage to Superman's Bizzaro World.


Spoiler Warning(s) Ahead:

Christa from the middle school teases Juno, Twitty and their new friend Marcelline, saying they're not "cool" due to not liking the same music as her (mainstream rap). Juno and Twitty tell Johnny about this and Johnny tells them that she tried to get Timmy involved by saying he was cool because she tried to get him to tease them too, and by "friends", she meant "followers" to explain why Crysta ignored Juno and Marcy's friendship, saying that to them "status is everything." He says he knows that's how middle school kids are and he's "worked" a few years at one. They later get news that Mali crash landed on a gooey planet and got stuck in the flub while it slowly sinks into the bubbling mess. The gang sets out to rescue her, and when they try to get off the planet, Juno puts on sunscreen, as they're taking a shortcut behind the sun, and when she offers some to Mali. After Mali's face had melted due to the quick trip behind the fiery ball, she is revealed to be one of the bullies that usually sides with Christa. He then reveals himself to be an alien who disguises himself as a school kid to look for way to play more creative pranks. After his prank that involved fooling them into a rescue mission, his next prank involves sending the gang into an mirror universe where their opposite counterparts reside. But with the help of the mirror-Ratz and unwittingly of their counterparts, they pull the ultimate prank on the guy.


May Contain Spoilers:

  • Juno
  •  Ku
  • Twitty
  • Johnny
  • Chrysta - A pint-sized bully from the middle school who tries to pick on the three girls Juno, Kammy and Twitty. Calling them "loners" with "zero friends".
  • Spongehead - Really an interdimensional prankster, he blended in with the junior high students and then disguised himself as Mali.
  • Evil Juno - Has orange hair, tan skin and an unsympathetic attitude towards otherworldly creatures.
  • Evil Ku - Has a humorless and unnaturally reserved personality and has black/orange hair.
  • Evil Twitty - Mingles with people very often, she is reddish-pink instead of blue.
  • Evil Johnny- He is a criminal mastermind.
  • Evil P.A.U.L.- He has golden eyes and a full understanding of living creatures, which he uses to his advantage.
  • Good Zoe - A goth girl who is bullied daily by Evil Juno and Evil Ku.
  • Good Gem - A tomboyish girl who, unlike the original Gem, doesn't frighten easy by snakes and spiders and actually considers the consequences of her actions.
  • Good Yolanda - Doesn't look much different than her counterpart. Has a tolerant attitude for those who are "different" and because of that, she doesn't consider them so.
  • Good Natasha - A meek, shy, nerdy girl who usually gets pushed around and isn't heard from much.


  • Juno: I loathe the bus.
  • Twitty: Me too. I'd give you a ride on my back, but the last thing I need is for tabloid photographers to take my picture and put it on their cover like if I'm some dumb celebrity.

  • Juno: A shortcut behind the sun? Good thing I've got this SPF 9000, perfect for shielding the skin from the sun's direct rays. Here, have some, Mali. Your skin is pretty fair as well.

  • Johnny: Mali, what's going on with your face? It's all melty.
  • Twitty: That's because it's made of rubber. [she pulls off Mali's face, revealing it to be a mask]


The Spongehead Lives (Transcipt)

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