This is the first episode for Mawari Urami.

Act 1Edit

"I welcome you to warehouse A-13, also known as my house of stories. My name is Yagami Tsukino but you may call me Tsukino if you like. In this place is where I will share with you eight stories of grudges. Today I will tell you all a classic story from after the Genpei War. Now, sit back, relax, and let me tell you a tale of madness."

The Soldier & The CrabEdit

In year 1185, the conflict between the Taira and Minamoto clans had just ended and each general who fought in the war were promoted to their next ranks. One general by the name of Fujisaki no Taro was highly thought of though, because of his excellent skills of battle and leadership, he was promoted up two ranks instead of just one like everyone else. Minamoto Yoshitsune, leader of the Minamoto Clan and founder of the Kamakura shogunate, had even personally made Fujisaki no Taro part of his clan, making Taro an official noble samurai. One night, Taro had a dream of the Battle of Dan-no-ura, of which was the reason why he was admired so highly, and saw the enemies having crabs as their heads. When Taro had woken up, he saw a crab statue in his room and prayed to it hoping to never have the nightmare again, but the same dream occured the next night and the next night after that. After a month of having the exact same dream over and over, he destroyed the crab statue in his room and went to see a dream reader to see why he had the strange dreams of crabs and soldiers. The dream reader had told him that he was imagining things and the dreams of the crabs and soldiers were just due to his stress from the war, but he then went to a fortune teller who told him differently. The fortune teller had told Taro that he was cursed by the soldiers that he had killed and that the reason for the crabs were that the Crab God had helped them in the curse. Days went by as Taro grows paranoid about crabs and he cut down anything he saw that resembled one. The next night, he had a different dream that was still the same, he dreamt of enemy soldiers with crabs for heads and the only thing that was different was that there was now an ending to his dream; just before he woke up, Taro had seen a giant crab with his face and screamed in horror as his own face woke him up. When morning came, Taro put on his armor and grabbed his sword then headed to the beach near the battle took place; once he got there, the beach was empty but a few minutes later after he screamed out to the ocean in anger asking for a battle, many crabs came to the beach in dozens until there was about a hundred of them, and on each crab, there was a face of a dead samurai. Taro then took out his sword and began to kill as much of the crabs as possible, but eventually, he ran out of energy after slashing crabs all day, and in the end, he was found laughing in insanity while crabs were walking all around and over him by a farmer and a samurai.

"Fujisaki no Taro did not die nor was he truly insane. The ghosts of the Taira samurai had cursed him using the powers of the Crab God. His fate was sealed the day he fought in the Battle of Dan-no-ura. Thus concludes the first of my eight stories of vengeance. Until we meet again."

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