The Secret Keepers of The Sculptors' Will was a group of mortals and immortals who were trusted by the Sculptors to keep their secrets out of the hands of Necronicus and any other evil force


Gol D. Rodger (The Honorable King-Thief)- Back in Rodger's youth, he met with Lord Death on an Island he found which the Keepers would hold meetings.

Lord Death(Shinigami Sama aka Shinel The First Reaper)-In his youth his superiors asked him to find a place for the Keepers to meet where no one else can find it. Also when the 4 Gods of Chaos became corrupted and attacked the scuplters, Lord Death went toe-to-toe with Khorne...who swore that when Lord Death steps in the Relm of Chaos...he will kill him...

Lady Death(Bride of Shinel)-Lord Death's wife,a beautiful and attractive human woman blessed with Immortality by her husband. many only call her "Bride Of Death" or "Queen of the Underworld) During her days attending the meetings she always kept spirits high. During the last days of the meetings she could not attend them due to the fact that she and her husband just found out she was pregnant and had to stay back in the Soul Eater Universe.

The Emperor of Mankind(The Emperor Who Denies God)-Th Emperor of the Imperium of Man of the WH 40k universe, he used a holographic projector to attened at the Island, before the Horus Heresy He actually secretly used a portal to enter the tiny Island when he felt overwhelmed, but never for too long.


Before Gol D. Rodger was to be excuted, the Keepers had their last meeting, and Lord Death used his magic to contact Rodger from his prison cell. Gol D. Rodger said he would take the secrets to his grave and that when Lord Death comes to take his soul to "whereever it goes" he would like to be able to talk to him and the Emperor beyond the grave, they agreed and also made one last statement "At least Im gonna be alot less heavy the next time you see me!" and just gave his infamous smile and laughed on the way out. The Emperor also asked this from Death to speak after foreseeing his fate of being immobile from the Golden Throne that will be wating for him "Strange how life works isn't it?" before shutting of communications.


On the Island there is a massive Library which contains many books from many realities and there is also the center-piece of the room The Great Hour-Glass which contains the records written by the Sculptors of every sentient civilization in every reality and the universes they contain.

The Sparking of Life

"Us the Sculptors sent by the Higher Power, create the realities and our Master breathes life into all of them"

The Miracle of Great Life

"Civilization in the realities bloom, Noble individuals, The One To Be Earth of Aquilla's Emperor of Mankind rises to power, Palutena and Vulcan are placed under the wing of the Greek Gods, Young Lord Death follwing his Father becomes our Student, 5 young surviving deities Kerne, Tezz, Nurg, Nessh, and Mal have learned much and are excited to learn more our brother Necox wishes to teach them."

The Twisting of Necrox

"Necox grows hateful of the sentient inhabitants of the realities, grows more violent, our 5 students accidently touch the Reality Inifinity and become insane, we are left no choice but to exile them. Necox corrupts them turning them into feindish monsters, Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, and Malice. They attack us and Young Lord Death, Palutena, and Vulcan try to defend us."

The Tragic Exile

"We banish the 5 students to the relm of Chaos-the Aquilla Branch of the dark reality Damnation-and our brother sealed away in a wall tomb in the deepest crater of Damnation and the seal being made of parts of his own body torn away from him, The Yoma his soilders and embodiments of his lies and deception are casted away in a abyss of the Earth of Rune"

The Spread Of Damnation

"Necox now known as Necronicus tells his 4 (Malice is exiled by his siblings) students to corrupt mankind, Necronicus uses his madness to accelerate the corruption of Asura, his deception with Isley. This lead to a series of atrocities-The Horus Heresy, The Transformation of Asura, The Betrayal of Isely, Garax(G-Man) killing Cave Johnson and mimicking his form and corrupts Wheatly and GLADoS-all known together as The Spread Of Damnation."

The Stirring of Hell-Fire

"Cracks begin to develop in Necronicus's prison, First Crack, Spread of Chaos on Aquilla, Second Crack, The Black Mesa Cascade, The Third, Yoma escape the Abyss, The Fourth, Rise and Fall of the Combine, The Fith, Horizone Incident, The Sixith, The Administrator kills the freindship of John Doe and Travish Degroot, and the Last, Necronicus is enraged and starts breaking the Seal

The Great Disaster Cascade

"Necronicus is Free and has now rised to power, there is not much time left, we must gather the Keepers and find the strongest and good-hearted warriors to stop our deranged Brother and his Hell-Powered Kingdom"

The Great Revolt

"The RAC is formed and begins a secret war against Necronicus and the Horde Of Hell, they activate the reality infinty, plunder Necronicus's castle, and Retro Ace slays our brother bainishing his soul back to Damnation"



Renegade Demons-Demons like Hannah or the Demon Triplets who sided with a free will (most have full souls while true demons have hollow souls, thus craving for killing and eating souls), another one who was murdered along with his angel wife was Sebastian Michealis' father, a demon slayer, killed by Count Raum, one of the demon earls of Hell (and like Sebastian, is a crow as well) and kidnapped Sebastian when he was 9 years old, later when Sebastian and Ciel came to new york to assist an american young man with an angel maid and butler, he found out Count Raum(or known to the demon gangsters "Boss Raven") was running a demon mafia and leading possessions, Sebastian killed the satanic crimelord and he was at peace. Renegade Demons are also called "Gargoyales", however not all renegade demons are good as Sebastian Michaelis warend the Retro Ace, he sets Neuro Nougami a demon dective as an example of a bad Renegade demon, the reason why some are good and evil is because like humans and other sentient creatures, they have free will.


"The Higher Power" that created the sculptors are as said by the writter Retro Ace "Depends who you're God is"

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