"Mr.Conagher, I ask from you is to build a machine, that using the power of this...magical crystal ball thing, harness the power of predecsors of weapons and merges them with current weapons, combine the might of a soldier's nobel ancestor with his own, a machine that revives good old faishoned streangth and bonds it with its sucessor, to put it metaphorically, rejuvinates a weapon and a warrior, with the power of nostalgia. I will pay you well, and see to it the machine is put into good use for many years to come, it will be perfect for my mercinaries, so what do you say Chonagher?"-Redmond Mann

"alright."-Radigan Conagher

The Machine Is a powerful device that harness the power of Nostalgia itself. Redmond after him and his brother Blutarch gave the RED and BLU Companies to the RAC, they gave him the mobile chamber. The Ace uses it to "Retro Refine" the BLU and RED teams clothing(into their Beta Clothing as seen in the 2007 trailer), weapons, and give them a power boost, soon Soul, Maka and their freinds are given the same treatment and boosted with power. It was made by the BLU Engineer's grandfather Radigan Conagher

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