Keiti tells one of her best friends, Kyoko Aka, what had happened the week before. She also points out that Kyoko has the same necklace as her, only red, meaning she's a Rainbow Princess, too! Kyoko, in order to see whether or not Keiti is right, transforms. One of their classmates make fun of Kyoko, and she attacks this classmate, killing him. Keiti, aware that this boy was her long-time crush, Rukasu, cries and runs to his body. She looks at Kyoko, to see that she has turned black instead of red! Keiti then discovers that the Red Sword Rainbow Princess turns the Black Sword Rainbow Princess when threatened, and decides to fight her. However, Keiti's other best friend, Eimī, insists to fight her, and transforms into her Orange Lollipop Princess form. The battle continues in the next episode.


Rukasu (debut)

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