The Ratz Splat is the second episode of Baka-Chan. It features the first appearance of the Ratz Girls.


Ku is introduced to the Ratz Girls (The Gals in the Japanese Version), a group of airheaded valley girls (Kogal in the Japanese version), who immediatley take a liking to her because of her light hair and dark skin, and treat her like their new best friend and a new member of their group (though this might have been plainly out of spite towards Juno to hurt her by stealing one of her friends). Ku seems delighted that she has new friends but Juno warns her about their nasty ways. The Ratz try and get Ku to act, talk and dress just like them, but in the end, Ku infuriates them with her lack of Earth knowledge and jepordizes them on a field trip at the space museum, causing her to get kicked out of the Ratz's group. In the end, Juno and her human friends are glad to have Ku back.


Ku: [pulling down the corner of her bottom lip] Does my mouth have to go like this to pronounce Valspeak?

[more coming soon]


  • This marks the first appearance of the Ratz Girls.
  • It is revealed how the Ratz came to hate Juno. It shows a flashback to when they bullied Marcelline for being nervous, and Juno was the only person on the first day of school that was nice to Marcelline. So in order to keep themselves up and more dominant as the popular group, they try to befriend Juno to lure her away from Marcie, and Juno refuses and tells them off. After not handling the rejection well, the Ratz decide to target Juno as well.
  • In the Detour Dub, according to Schecter, who would later voice Twitdragon, The Ratz were supposed to teach Ku how to swear, (as opposed to the Right Stuf dub where they teach her Valspeak; to use words such as like and you know and totally every 3 seconds) which dosen't work out.


The Ratz Splat (Transcript)

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