The Paradox Syndrome
Brain-Twisting Paradoxes 4
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Format Anime Series
Created by DarKingdomHearts
No. of episodes still in progress
Run time 23:53 min.
First aired The Syndrome
Last aired N/A

The Paradox Syndrome is an anime created, directed and written by DarKingdomHearts and others.

The story is set on a regular high school with normal students except for a few ones who stand out although no one knows about them. One of those kids is Jason Moore who has the Paradox Syndrome which causes him to turn into a demon.


Jason Moora is a 16 year old high school student who suffers from the Paradox Syndrome. This syndrome causes him to turn into a demon on sudden moments, like it is some sort of anger burst. He takes pills to control himself and stop to turn himself into a demon. He's got some friends in school who are unaware of him having this syndrome except for his childhood friend Lenore.

One day the mentor of Jason's class passes away on a mysterious way and gets replaced by a rather mysterious and sinister man named Ramone Linster. After this even more strange things begin to happen in town. Demon appear in town, Ralph le Blanc, a professional Demon Hunter, hunts them down. Meanwhile Jason and his best friend Maximilian, or Max for short, are trying to discover the real indentity of Ramone. But this only makes things worse.


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Main ProtagonistsEdit

Taiki MūaEdit

Taiki Mūa is the main protagonist of the show. He suffers from the Paradox Syndrome. Only a few people know this including his mother and his childhood friend Mai. He is a normal high school student. He is just like all the others in his class, he is funny and nice although he can be pretty cold at some times. He has maroon colored hair and brown eyes. He is pretty tall and of average weight. In his demon form his skin turns green and his eyes glow red. He has enormous wings and ram-like horns. He only wears heavy boots and a pants.

Mai KasenEdit

Mai Kasen is one of the protagonists of the show. She is the childhood of Jason since pre-school. She always has known about Taiki's deepest secrets including the Paradox Syndrome. Mai has a special ability which she inherited from her grandmother who was a Gunner Mage. She is able to create explosions out of her hands, but also magical mines and shooting bullets from her fingertips. Both of her parents died and she now lives together with her brother Akio. She has light brown straight hair with red colored hairtips and blue-grey eyes. She always wears her black cap with death skull.

Masaru KonerīEdit

Masaru Konerī, mostly called Max, is the best frieds of Taiki. They met at high school and then have always hang out together along with Lenore, if she was around. Max is a hyperactive and a bit dimwitted boy. He is unaware of Taiki's powers because Taiki knows he can't keep secrets. He later obtains supernatural powers to move objects and later even living forms. He regains this power when he merges with a rare crystal. He has messy red short hair and green eyes.

Kiku BuranEdit

Kiku Buran is another high school student who attends Taiki's class. She has been best friends with Mai since the beginning of high school. She is a always happy girl and doesn't like violence. She is the daughter of Raito and Lucrecia Buran. She is a Demon Hunter although she doesn't know that, she is pretty helpless and doesn't like to fight, as stated above. She has blonde hair with a ponytail and dark borwn eyes.

Raito BuranEdit

Raito Buran is the father of Kiku and a professional Demon Hunter. He hunts down the demons and other underworld creatures in the town. He is a silent and cold man but is very protective about Kiku and her friends. When he discovers about the Paradox Team he immediately tries to hunt them down. He has blond curly hair and blue eyes. He is often seen with his long black coat with Pentagram on it's back.

Akio Kasen IIEdit

Akio Kasen II (Junior), is the older brother of Mai. When he was at the age of 10 he followed his father to a secret hideout and found that held all of his fathers, Akio Sr, weapons. Akio practiced the art of Lightsword wielding from his father until he passed away 4 years later. He then had to take care of his little sister alone. He has dirty blond hair reaches just over his ears and his blue eyes are mostly covered by the hat he is wearing.

Tetsuya KaningamuEdit

Tetsuya Kaningamu is a member of Taiki's class. He has a bit of a nerdy appearance but is very strong. He is the younger cousin of Jin Kaningamu who was a famous artist. He learned him how to draw until he passed away. He gave Tetsuya his magical pen where he can bring his sketches to live. He has black hair that reaches over his ears, pale skin and wears glasses and has blue eyes. He mostly is seen wearing a blouse with a tie and blue jeans.

Emi ZugaiEdit

Emi Zugai is a member of Taiki's class and is a typical Gothic Lolita girl. She always carries around a Voodoo doll that she made herself after she lost her original teddybear. The Voodoo doll later appeared to be alive and possesed by Juuni who, after she came out of it returned the Voodoo doll into her old teddybear Tedi. She has the power to control Tedi and other dolls and puppets. Emi has purple hair with two tails and also purple eyes andhas much make-up. She wears a black/white Gothic Lolita dresses.

Main AntoganistsEdit


Ichi is the main antoganist of the show and leader of the Paradox Syndrome. He is a ruthless and heartless man. His only goal is to gather more members who have the Paradox Syndrome in his team. And with them to rule over the human world. He is a silver haired male with red eyes and mostly wears blouses in his human form. His demon form is a four horned muscled creature with sharp teeth, giant wings and red skin, only wearing a ripped cloth and arm armor. He can sense human from far away and has trouble keeping his demon inside of himself. He is the strongest of all Paradox members and is the only one who hasn't revealed his true name.


Ni is the second in charge of the Paradox Team. She is the only female member of the team and is a very seductive woman. She is pure evil from the inside that could even surpass Ichi. Before she became a demon she still was called Skarlet Chi and was a very rich and spoiled woman, and in that form acts as a protagonist to trick the other protagonists. She has long red hair, purple eyes, big breasts and is often seen in her Daimon form. Her demon form resembles a bat where her black leather costume turns red, grows bat wings and a devil tail, her skin also slightly darkens. She is able to also use dark magic in combat making her a hard opponent. Her demon form is also the most humanoid.


San is one of the most fastest and agile members of the Paradox Team. He goes under the alias of Ramōn Akuryō history teacher at the DaVinci High School. Ramōn was also his human name and lived peacefully in acottage in the mountains. His job is to capture Taiki and bring him to the Paradox lair, in which he succeeds. He is very sinister and playful, he can easily control his demon form except in moonlight where his need for human flesh becomes higher. He is a Christian as he visits the church every sunday, he often is seen wearing a necklace with a medallion with a crucifix on it. He has bleached hair and yellow eyes and a scar over his eye. In his demon form he becomes a black wolf with red locks wearing a black coat.


Yon is the intellect of the Paradox Team. He is the ones who goes by tactic instead of his intuition and has very special abilities even for a Paradox patient. He had been waiting very long to become a Paradox member because he first was refused because his lack of strenght, but eventually got in. He once was the leader of a gang but freaked out after discovering his powers. He is an emo with short dark-blue hair and wears an eye patch where he has a blank eye under. His other eye is very light blue, also almost blanc. He has heavy armor on his long black coat. In his demon form he turns into a giant monster with four arms with fire glowing veins. He is the largest demon of the main five only surpassed by one other demon, Number 13.


Go is the newest member of the Paradox Team. He is also the youngest in appearance being around the age of 14. He is a very silent boy and isn't able to control his demon transformation completely, similar to Taiki. He often hangs out with Number Two because she acts like a mother figure to him. He also goes under the alias of Felix for a while and attends the DaVinci high school during that time, Felix once was on another school where he discovered his demon powers and killed everyone. He has spiky brown hair and crystal blue eyes. In his demon form he put on a black grim-like coat. He then starts to grow many black/green/red tentacles with eyes and sharp thorns. He gets sharp green teeth and glowing green eyes.


Juuichi is a clone created by Yon under the command of Ichi. He is a clone of both Ichi and Taiki. He was made when Taiki was captured and then Ichi took DNA of him to create Juuichi. Although Juuichi has the power of both Ichi and Taiki makes him not the strongest because of his instability. Yon installed a limit on his and put a lock on it so he can't use to much power else he will explode. Becuase of this he is automatically in demon form and doesn't has a human form. Since he is a mix of both Ichi's and Taiki's demon his appearance is a mix of their demon forms.