The Nutcracker Prince (Anime Style)

Directed by

Produced by

Written by

Patricia Watson (screenplay), E.T.A. Hoffmann (story)


Music by

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Editing by


Toei Animation

Distributed by

The Right Stuf International

Release date(s)

The Nutcracker Prince (Anime Style) is an anime version of the movie that was originally made by Canada's Lacewood Productions and WB


Clara's family are celebrating the night before Christmas Eve. Clara is jealous because her sister, Louise, has a boyfriend, leaving Clara feeling blue until the eccentric Uncle Drosselmeier arrives at their home with special gifts: a fully-automated toy castle for everyone, and a Nutcracker for Clara. Upon giving her the Nutcracker, Drosselmeier tells her a story about how the Nutcracker came to become the Prince of the Dolls.

The Story of the NutcrackerEdit

In a faraway kingdom, there was a King and Queen who had a beautiful daughter named Princess Perlipat. To celebrate the King's birthday, the Queen ordered a special cake made out of blue cheese, the King's favorite. However, the scent of the blue cheese drew out all the mice, who eat and destroy cake. The King was enraged and commanded his inventor, whose name also happened to be Drosselmeier, to capture all the mice. Drosselmeier and his nephew Hans were successful in capturing all the mice except the Mouse Queen and her only son.

In revenge, the Mouse Queen cast a spell on Perlipat, causing her to become hideously ugly. Drosselmeier was once again given the task of figuring out how to cure her. He eventually learned that the fabled Krakatooth Nut can cure her, on the condition that it is cracked open in the teeth of a young man who is not wearing boots. The King commands all the princes and noblemen to apply, on promise of the reward of being able to marry Perlipat once she is cured. However, the Krakatooth is so hard that all the men's teeth shatter upon trying to crack it.

Drosselmeier is about to be punished for being unable to cure Perlipat when Hans steps in. He manages to crack the nut open between his teeth and gives it to Perlipat. The Mouse Queen, who is angered by this, casts a spell on Hans, turning him into the Prince of the Dolls. Hans collapses and transforms into a Nutcracker. During the ruckus, the Mouse Queen's son's tail is caught from the fallen statue and his tail becomes bent. Also the Mouse Queen is crushed by a statue, leaving her son to become the Mouse King. Drosselmeier is exiled from the kingdom for trying to pass a "Nutcracker as a son-in-law", while the King and Queen celebrate with their cured daughter.

Revenge of the Mouse KingEdit

Clara is upset by the story for its unhappy ending, but is consoled when Drosselmeier tells her that the spell can be broken. That night, when everyone has gone to sleep, Clara ventures into the sitting room to dance with her Nutcracker. Suddenly the Mouse King arrives, intent on getting his revenge on the Nutcracker for his injured tail. The Nutcracker and all dolls in the room come to life to battle the Mouse King's army. The first battle is briefly stopped when Clara throws her slipper at the Mouse King before he can hurt the Nutcracker, though she is injured herself, losing consciousness for the rest of the night while the toys (off-screen) revert back to the way they were. The next morning, she tries to tell her mother about the battle, only to be told to rest and not hear any more fairy stories right away.

The next night, the Mouse King returns, angry about what Clara has done. Before he can go after the Nutcracker once more, Clara tricks him, briefly trapping him for the moment. However, when she retrieves the unawakened toy, the Mouse King himself confronts her, threatening to rid of her kitten, Pavlova, if she doesn't hand the Nutcracker over. Suddenly, the toys once more awaken. The Nutcracker and Mouse King then battle one another one on one. The Mouse King is supposedly defeated when he is stabbed in the chest and falls from the Christmas tree while the leaderless army of mice run away. When the toys see that Pantaloon, one of the Nutcracker's generals, has been injured in the fight, they have to return to the Land of the Dolls to revive him. Clara is then shrunken down to doll size thanks to Drosselmeier's magic.

Land of the DollsEdit

Clara follows to the toys to the Land of Dolls, which is in Drosselmeier's toy castle. Once they are there, Clara dances with the Nutcracker, who asks her to stay with him. Clara sadly refuses, saying that she has to return home and grow up. As the dolls start to turn back into inanimate toys, a dying Mouse King arrives for one last chance at revenge. Clara manages to keep him at bay, and he eventually falls off the Toy Castle to the river below.

Home againEdit

Clara wakes up to find herself back home, and there is no sign of the events that she has experienced except her brother's statement that the family discovered a dead mouse near the castle. She rushes to Uncle Drosselmeier's workshop and begs him to tell her whether the fairytale he'd told her is true. Clara is suddenly silenced when a young boy enters the room, carrying a clock. Drosselmeier introduces the boy as Hans, whom Clara recognizes as being her Nutcracker in human form.

Fictious Voice ListEdit

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Clara Rica Fukami Kelly Sheridan, Jennifer Cihi (Singing)
Hans/Nutcracker Mamoru Miyano Vic Mignogna
Mouse King Ikkei Seta Mike MacDonald
Drosselmeier Genzo Wakayama Jerry Lobozzo
Fritz Kaoru Fujino Nicky Jones
Mouse Queen Mika Doi Phyllis Diller
Pantaloon Makio Inoue James Arnold Taylor
Marie Yuko Miyamura Lisa Ortiz
Trudy Keiko Toda Hilary Haag
Louise Ogata Megumi Wendee Lee
Erik Ginpei Sato Johnny Yong Bosch
Perlipat Yumi Kazaku Kerry Williams
Queen Naomi Shindoh Kara Edwards
King Akira Kamiya Christopher R. Sabat
Karl Stahlbaum Souichirou Tanaka Richard Epclair
Ingrid Stahlbaum Nozomi Ōhashi Shanelle Workman
Mrs. Miller Junko Takeuchi Monica Rial
Mrs. Shaeffer Wakako Matsumoto Colleen Clinkenbeard
Others Takashi Matsuyama, Ikue Otani, Chikao Otsuka, Megumi Hayashibara Veronica Taylor, Jessica Fox, Kirby Manllow, Jim Cummings


  • Out of the original English voice cast, only Mike MacDonald and Phyllis Diller return to reprise for their roles.
  • The name of the girl and doll are switched around when in the actual Nutcracker story, the girl was named Marie and one of her dolls was named Clara.
  • During the Nutcracker and Clara's first time appearing with the crowd cheering, you can see cameos of other characters from different shows, Anime, cartoons, movies, and video games cheering.
  • Due to the passing of Phyllis Diller, her voice would be archived from the previous version.
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