The Night of the Incident is an episode of Parappa the Rapper the Series from season 3.


PaRappa and friends come home to his house after going to the carnival. That night, as they sleep over at PaRappa's house in the living room, they all have nightmares induced by what they ate at the carnival.

The Character's dreamsEdit

The things the characters were having nightmares about were:

  • Katy - Wearing the wrong outfit on the wrong day.
  • PJ - Being chased by a giant doughnut
  • Parappa - Finally getting to kiss Sunny, but an earthquake shakes the ground and separates them.
  • Matt - Playing a baskeball game, but then realizing he was in his underwear.
  • Sunny - Being pursued by a giant lawn mower.
  • Paula - Her outfit clashes and she gets ranked the least fashionable person in Parappa Town.



  • This is the second time Parappa is shown having a nightmare. The first was in the video game Parappa the Rapper 2.

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