The New Pokemon Trainer ll: Don't Say Good-Bye! is the sequel to Destinies in the saga and is an epilogue to the Pokemon series. It was released in Japan and America, and the MPAA rated it PG for "some frightening images and action violence."


The film opens up to Bri-chan being trapped in a small prisoner cell, in which he tries to argue he never was a prisoner, in which the guard whips him and states he won't have any dinner tonight due to his disobedient behavior. He sobs himself to sleep on his small wooden bed, tied in chains.

He awakens the next morning and is dragged off for breakfast. Bri-chan questions if the material he's given is edible, which causes him to be whipped again by the guard. Later, he asks if he can see Master's corpse, but the guard states he has burnt it. They sit there silent for a while.

Bri-chan begins to question the guard as to why he does this, and offers him up the choice to let him become his new master and run free with him. The guard refuses and nightfall hits. Bri-chan eats dinner and goes to his bed.

In the middle of the night, the king grabs Bri-chan and drags him off into the wilderness. The guard states he is "setting him free." He follows the king and begins referring to him as "Master the 2nd", but this angers the guard deeply.

You see a shadow fly and the king is on the ground, yelping in pain. Master has kicked him on the ground and aims his sword at him. The king begs him, "Peasant boy, help!", but seeing that his master is alive, he refuses. Master stabs the king and kills him.

Bri-chan questions how Master could still be alive, but Master states that he doesn't know either, but "it must not have been my time." Master then states that their new mission is to find a water stream which is surrounded by Squirtles. He claims it is so guarded that no one has ever made it out alive. Bri-chan looks frightened, but agrees to come with him.

Soon after, Bri-chan remembers a family he briefly stayed with talked a lot about teams like Team Rocket and Team Plasma, and also a guy named "Ash Ketchum", and asks about them. The master pauses, holds a sword to his neck, but then puts it back in his pocket and states he killed Team Plasma and Team Rocket.

He pauses and then explains that Ash Ketchum murdered his mother and father, due to his intense envy of their wealth. Bri-chan then gets angry and makes it his destiny to destroy Ash Ketchum, but Master tells him not to go too far. Bri-chan goes to bed, still angry.

In the morning, Bri-chan finds that Master had wandered off again, and while running, he runs into the guard and screams, believing he might have hurt Master. The guard states he had been listening to their conversation last night and didn't know where Master went.

Finally, the guard states that he is Ash Ketchum. The film ends with Bri-chan gasping and the text "To Be Continued".


  • Any moments of Bri-chan being whipped were cut in the American release.
  • The blood that briefly flies when Master kills the king is digitally erased in the American release.


  • This film is considered even darker then Destinies, and some questioned if it would even get an American release due to its themes. On Cartoon Network, the film was rated TV-PG-V while Destinies managed to barely slip by with TV-Y7-FV.

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