The New Pokemon Trainer: Destinies! is an epilogue film to the Pokemon series. It was released nationwide in the US and is rated PG for "mild action violence." The Japanese and English versions are considered darker then the usually light-hearted Pokemon films.


The film opens up to a young peasant boy running away from a man who threatens to kill him. The man holds the sword to his neck, but then the boy begs to him not to kill him, yelling "I'll be your apprentice!". The man throws his sword down and agrees to let him become his apprentice. He asks for his name, in which the boy states his name is Bri-chan.

Bri-chan then asks why the man wanted to kill him, and he states it was because of all the misfortune his father caused him. The man asks where his father is, but Bri-chan states that his mother and father are dead.

He begins to refer to the man as "Master" and follows him out into the wilderness where Master tries to get Bri-chan to catch an Oshawott, but Bri-chan was too slow, causing it to run away. Master holds a sword to his neck and calls him a fool.

That night, Bri-chan gets thirsty and asks what there is to drink. Master gives him whiskey he found, but then takes it away from him due to fear of alcohol poisoning.

Bri-chan begins to question if he should trust Master or not, considering he tried to kill him, and attempts to hold his sword. Master awakens and mistakes this as Bri-chan trying to kill him and he calls him a traitor. Bri-chan tries to explain, but Master runs off into the forest, and Bri-chan is too slow to catch up to him.

When Bri-chan finally catches up to him around sunrise, he sees that he is on the ground, gasping for air, stating that "they're" coming. He refuses to explain who they are, though, and tells the boy to leave him behind. Bri-chan refuses, but sees an enemy and cowards behind a tree.

The enemy tries to take a last sword-strike into Master, which would kill him, but then he catches his eye on the boy. He states that the boy is an escaped prisoner and takes him away in handcuffs, and kills the master. The ending of the film states "To Be Continued".


  • The whiskey scene is cut in the American release.
  • The blood in the scene where the enemy kills Master is erased in the American release.


  • The Japanese version contains the same edits on the American DVD, but the Japanese version has an English option which shows the whiskey scene was indeed dubbed.

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