The Magic School Bus (anime style)
Format Anime series, educational
No. of episodes 52 (more TBA)
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-Y
English Network Right Stuf Network


Season 1

# Title Theme
101 Gets Lost in Space Solar System
102 For Lunch Digestion
103 Inside Ralphie Germs
104 Gets Eaten Food Chain
105 Hops Home Habitat
106 Meets the Rot Squad Decomposition
107 All Dried Up Desert Adaptation
108 In the Haunted House Sound
109 Gets Ready, Set, Dough Kitchen Chemistry
110 Plays Ball Friction
111 Goes to Seed Seeds
112 Gets Ants in its Pants Ants
113 Kicks Up a Storm Weather

Season 2

# Title Theme
201 Blows Its Top Volcanoes
202 Flexes Its Muscles Body Mechanics
203 The Busasaurus Dinosaurs
204 Going Batty Bats
205 Butterfly and the Bog Beast Butterflies
206 Wet All Over Water Cycle
207 In a Pickle Microbes
208 Revving Up Engines
209 Taking Flight Flight
210 Getting Energized Energy
211 Out of This World Space Rocks
212 Cold Feet Warm/Cold Blooded
213 Ups and Downs Floating/Sinking

Season 3

# Title Theme
301 In a Beehive Honeybees
302 In the Arctic Heat
303 Spins a Web Spiders
304 Under Construction Structures
305 Gets a Bright Idea Light
306 Shows and Tells Artifacts
307 Makes a Rainbow Color
308 Goes Upstream Migration
309 Works Out Circulation
310 Gets Planted Photosynthesis
311 In the Rainforest Ecology
312 Rocks and Rolls Erosion
313 Holiday Special Recycling

Season 4

# Title Theme
401 Meets Molly Cule Molecules
402 Cracks a Yolk Eggs
403 Goes to Mussel Beach Tidal Zones
404 Goes on Air Air Pressure
405 Gets Swamped Wetlands
406 Goes Cell-ular Cells
407 Sees Stars Stars
408 Gains Weight Gravity
409 Makes a Stink Smell
410 Gets Charged Electricity
411 Gets Programmed Computers
412 In the City City Critters
413 Takes a Dive Partnerships

Season 5 (Right Stuf Original)

# Title Theme
414 Visits a Graveyard  ???


(more coming soon)

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