The Fast and the Furious (Anime Style) is an anime rendition of The Fast and the Furious film series with anime characters.


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English Voice Japanese Voice Anime Character Anime Origin Movie Character
Dan Green Shunsuke Kazama "Yami" Yugi Muto Yu-Gi-Oh! Dominic Toretto
Sarah Natochenny Rica Matsumoto Ash Ketchum Pokémon Brian O’Connor
Carli Mosier Sanae Kobayashi Lucy Elfen Lied Letty Ortiz
Nicole Bouma Emiri Katō Blossom Powerpuff Girls Z Mia Toretto
Aaron Krohn Jouji Nakata Murakumo Yagami Blue Seed Johnny Tran
Brad Swaile Kumiko Higa Lan Hikari MegaMan NT Warrior Jesse
Johnny Yong Bosch Jun Fukuyama Lelouch Lamperouge Code Geass Leon

Nick Roye/Minami Takayama as the voice of Mikey Kudo (from Digimon) as Vince

Ben Diskin/Mitsuo Iwata as the voice of Takaharu Fukuroda (from Kill la Kill) as Edwin

Chris Guerrero/Tessho Genda as the voice of Balgus Ganesha (from The Vision of Escaflowne) as Sgt. Tanner


The Fast and the FuriousEdit

The HijackersEdit

In a dockyard off the coast of Los Angeles, a cargo box of electronics was being loaded onto a semi-truck. When the doors closed, the foreman called the store that would be taking the electronics. "Just packed a real money load, and it's coming your way," the foreman said. "Look for 'Rodgers' on the side of the truck. Don't forget my share of the deal." After the call, the truck driver departed to the store.

Later that night, the driver was still making his long trip to the store. All of a sudden, a group of hijackers driving 3 black Honda Civic Coupes approached the truck from behind. The 3 cars went into an aggressive formation: one in front, one on the right, the other on the left. The truck driver repeatedly honked his horn. The passenger of the front car, whose face was hidden by a motorcross helmet, climbed out from the sunroof and took out a modified crossbow rigged with a grappling wire. He fired at the passenger side of the truck and pulled the windshield off. Then he took out another crossbow and fired at the passenger seat. After latching himself onto the wire, he jumped onto the truck and climbed in through the window. The truck driver tried fighting him off with a baseball bat, but the hijacker shot a tranquilizer dart at his shoulder. The truck driver tried hitting him again, but lost conscious an passed out. The hijacker quickly took control of the loose wheel and commandeered the truck. The hijackers drove through a construction site and got in even formation: one car in front, one in back, the other under the hijacked truck. After reaching the end of the construction site, the hijackers fled with the electronics for themselves.

Enter the EclipseEdit

Early the next morning, it was a beautiful day for sun, surf, and street racing in LA. Outside of Dodger Stadium was a green Mitsubishi Eclipse waiting in the parking lot. Inside the car was a young man with dark cyan hair. After a couple of taps on the petal, the man shifted into 1st gear and began his quarter-mile test drive. As his car went faster, he shifted into 2nd gear, and then 3rd, then 4th, then 5th, then finally 6th. The car went faster and faster and faster, but as it reached 140mph, it began spiraling out of control. The man quickly began turning the wheel of his car the other way, barely avoiding the fall off the cliff. Frustrated, he slammed the palm of his left hand against the wheel and shouted, "Shit!" He then drove back into LA.

Meanwhile, in the suburbs of LA, was a small family-owned grocery store and diner. Inside the back of the store was the store's manager, a former professional street racer named Yugi "Atem" Muto. Yugi had black hair shaped like five spikes with dark purple outlining. In front of his hair were 8 yellow dreadlocks; 3 of them in front of his spikes, 3 over his right eye, and 2 above his left eye. Yugi was sitting at his desk and reading a book. After a few seconds, a teenage girl with long red hair and a big red bow pulled up in a light blue Acura Integra. The girl entered the store with her backpack and Yugi said, "You're late, Blossom."

"Sorry, Yugi," the girl said as she put her backpack on the counter. "School keeps taking forever!"

"Just get to work. I'm not paying you to give me excuses everytime you arrive late."

"You're not even paying me anything."

"I'm sorry. What was that?"



Blossom took her school supplies out of her backpack and began working on her homework. Just then, she heard a Ford F-150 Lightning pull up to the restaurant the driver got out. The driver was the same man who drove the Eclipse. The man entered the restaurant and took a seat as Blossom smiled. "Tuna on white, no crust, right?" Blossom asked the man.

"I don't know. How is it?" the man asked.

"Everyday for the last three weeks, you've been comin' in here and you've been askin' how the tuna is. Now, it was crappy yesterday, it was crappy the before. And guess what? It hasn't changed."

"I'll have the tuna."

"No crust?"

"No crust."

As Blossom began making his tuna, the man noticed Yugi getting a beer in the back. After taking a small glance at the man, Yugi sat down to drink his beer. Blossom gave the man the tuna sandwich he ordered. "Thank you," the man said as he took his sandwich. As he began eating, he started looking through the pages of a car magazine. All of a sudden, he and Blossom heard car engines. Four cars pulled up to the shop; a dark red Nissan 240SX, a yellow Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-Spec, a dark blue Nissan Maxima, and a white Volkswagon Jetta GT. The driver of the 240SX was Kaede Nyu "Lucy" Ortiz. The driver of the Skyline was Lelouch "vi Britannia" Lamperouge. The driver of the Maxima was Mikey Kudo. The driver of the Volkswagon was Lan Hikari. They were all part of Yugi's illegal street racing mafia. "Talk to me, Lan," Mikey complained to Lan. "This ain't workin', brother."

"It's your fuel map. It's got a nasty hole," Lan explained as he checked out Mikey's car engine. "That's why your unloading in third."

"I told you it was third," said Lelouch. "Shut up!" exclaimed Mikey. “I lengthen the injector pulse another millisec and just tune the NOS timer, you'll run nines," said Lan. But Mikey noticed the truck and turned Lan's head towards it. Mikey then turned to Blossom and the man in the bar. "What's up with this fool? What is he, sandwich crazy?" Mikey asked as he and his friends entered the store. "No, 'M.' He ain't he for the food, dog," said Lelouch. "Chill out, bro. He’s just slingin' parts for Dan. man," said Lucy' "I know what he's slingin'," said Mikey. "He's tryin' to get in Blossom's shorts, dog," said Lelouch. "What's up, guys?" Buttercup asked her friends. "How ya doin', Blossom?" asked Lan. "How you livin', girl?" Lucy asked Blossom. "Hey, Yug. You want something' to drink?" Lucy asked Yugi in the back. Yugi just showed Lucy his beer. Mikey took a seat next to the man and began staring at him. "Ah, he's beautiful," teased Lan. "I like his haircut," teased Lelouch. "Mikey," Blossom called out to Mikey. "Mikey!"

"What?" Mikey asked Blossom.

"Can I get you anything?"

"You look good."

The man was starting to get annoyed by Mikey and decided to leave. "Well, thanks a lot, Blossom," he said as he left some money on the counter before leaving. "See you tomorrow."

"Sure," said Blossom. "Tomorrow?" Mikey asked himself. "Oh, I love this part," said Lelouch quickly. "Yo!" Mikey called out to the man as he followed him out. "Try Fatburger from now on. You can get yourself a Double Cheese with fries for 2.95, faggot."

"I like the tuna here," said the man.

"Bullshit, asshole. No one likes the tuna here."

"Yeah, well, I do."

But just as the man was about to reach his truck, Mikey attacked him with a forced push. Enraged, the man turned around and punched Mikey back in the face. Mikey rammed the man into his truck. Blossom and her friends noticed the fight outside, but Yugi just tried to ignore the noise. "Jesus Christ, Yug! Would you get out there please? I'm sick of this shit!" Blossom yelled at Yugi. "I'm not kidding, Yug! Get out there!"

Annoyed, Yugi finally got up and turned around to notice the fight going on outside. "What'd you put in that sandwich?" Yugi asked Blossom in disinterest.

"That's really funny," Blossom sarcastically responded in annoyance.

"Yug!" exclamied Lucy in annoyance.

"All right," Yugi sighed.

He went out to stop the fight, followed by Lelouch, Lan, and Lucy. Mikey tackled the man and started punching him in the face 5 times. The man blocked the 6th punch and kicked Mikey in the balls. As the man got up, Mikey rammed into him again. But the man tackled Mikey and began punching his face. Suddenly, Yugi grabbed the man and threw him onto Lan's car, ending the fight. "Hey, man, he was in my face," panicked the man.

"I'm in your face," Yugi snapped back.

Mikey tried to attack the man again, but Yugi pushed him back. "Relax!" Yugi screamed. "Don't push it! You embarrass me!"

"Get over there!" Lelouch ordered Mikey as he pushed him away. Lan quickly noticed the man's wallet on the ground and picked it up. "Lan, gimme the wallet," demanded Yugi. Lan gave the wallet to Yugi and Yugi checked the man's driver's license. "'Ash Bruce Williams.' Sounds like a serial killer name. Is that what you are?" Yugi asked the man.

"No, man," said the man.

"Don't come around here again."

Yugi gave Ash his wallet back and headed back to the restaurant. "Hey, man, you know this is bullshit," Ash snapped back.

"You work for Dan, right?" Yugi asked Ash as he walked back towards him.

"Yeah, I just started."

"You were just fired."

As Yugi headed back to the restaurant, a frustrated Ash got into his car and left. "What the hell was that?" Blossom asked in disgust.

"I just banned a troublemaker," Yugi said as he re-entered the back. "And he got fired from the Racer's Edge."

"WHY?! What the hell did he do to deserve that?"

"He was beating up Mikey. And then he talked trash to me after I warned him not to make anymore trouble."

"That was our best tuna customer! And FYI, it was Mikey who started the fight, and then you warned Ash not to come back!"

"Yeah, whatever!"

Frustrated, Blossom packed up her school supplies and began to leave. "Lucy, tell Yugi that I'm takin' the rest of the day off," Blossom said to Lucy. "I can't stand to look at him right now!"

"Blossom, I know he can be a real pain in the ass sometimes," said Lucy, "but I also know that he's like the brother you never had."

"News flash, he is my brother."

And with that, she then departed, but then stopped and turned back to Mikey. "And as for you," she snapped at Mikey, "one more fight, and you ain't allowed to come here again as well!"

"Well then," countered Mikey, "you can forget about my invitation to Cha Cha Cha."

"Good!" Blossom said as walked over to her car. "I would've said no."

And with that, she got in and drove off. "Hey, Yugi," Lucy said to Yugi. "Blossom's taking a day off."

"Thanks for telling me," Yugi said as he picked up his phone. He then dialed the number of Ash's workplace, The Racer's Edge. "Hello, Racer's Edge," said The Racer's Edge's manager, Dan Dastun. "Dan Dastun speaking."

"Hi, Dan," said Yugi, "it's Yugi Muto."

"Hey, Yugi! What can I get for you?"

"Actually, I calling in concern about one of your employees?"


"Ash Bruce Williams."

"What about him?"

"Well, he was causing trouble at my diner. He also got into a fight with my friend, Mikey."

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry about what he did. I'm sure he'll never do it again, though."

"I know, because I don't want him working for you, anymore."

"Why not? Good help is hard to find."

All of a sudden, Dan noticed Ash pull up to the store. "Look," Dan said to Yugi, "I'm sorry about what happened, but I promise you that Ash won't cause anymore trouble."

"Alright," said Yugi, "and sorry about buggin' ya."

"Hey, Yugi, I appreciate what you did in a big way," Dan said before hanging up. "Yugi, I owe you."

Ash entered the store and Dan followed him to the back room. "Ash, you're messin' with my business," Dan said to Ash. "When Yugi drives, he's golden. Kids pour in here, they want everything he has, every performance part and they pay cash!"

"What did Yugi say?" Ash asked as he began washing the dirt off his face.

"You don't wanna know."

"What did Yugi say?"

"He wants you outta here."

"He wants me outta here?"


"And what did you say to Yugi?" Ash asked as he took off his black shirt.

"What do you think I said? I told him, 'Good help is hard to find.'"

Dan continuosly breathed in-and-out heavily. "Hey," Ash said as he put on a white shirt. "Relax."

He then went back into the main part of the store. "I need NOS," he said. "I need NOS."

"No," Dan said as he followed Ash.

"My car topped out at 140 miles per hour this morning."

"Amateurs don't use nitrous oxide. I've seen the way you drive. You got a heavy foot. You'll blow yourself to pieces."

"I need one of these. One of the big ones. Actually, no. Let's make it two. And, Dan, I need it by tonight."

The Snowman's BetEdit

Later that night, the sun began to set and a bunch of street racers gathered in a back alley. Many of their cars had heavily modified engines to show off to other people. Among the people was a small Hispanic gang. "I'm tellin' ya'll," said the leader, "Yugi's gonna own this race when he comes by."

"Or 'if'!" said a member of the gang.

"As if!" said another member.

"What do you mean 'as if'?" asked the leader. "First, he is gonna show up! And second, he is gonna win!"

"How would you know?" asked another member.

"Because he's Yugi Muto!" answered the leader. "How would I NOT know? Right, baby?"

"Yep," replied his girlfriend who sat on his left knee.

As the gang continued talking, Ash arrived in his Eclipse. As he got out of his car, he began to look around. "Hey, hold up, hold up," the Hispanic leader said as he noticed Ash. "Look at this snowman right here, man."

He got up and walked over to Ash. "Sweet ride," he said to Ash. "What'cha runnin' under there, man?"

Ash just gave him a mischievous smile. "You gonna make me find out the hard way?" asked the Hispanic leader.

"Hell, yeah," said Ash.

"You brave. You brave. They call me Jellal. Got a last name too, but I can't pronounce it, so--"

"Ash Williams."

"Ah, typical white boy name," Jellal said as he and Sonic shook hands. "Know what I'm sayin'?"

A young man could not help but eavesdrop. "See that over there?" Jellal asked Ash as he pointed to his car. "That's mine. It's my baby, but I ain't cuttin' her loose tonight."

"Why not?"

"Ah, it's 'cause I'm goin' legit, homie. Tryin' to get on the NIRA circuit. Ya heard about that?"

"Oh, hell, yeah."

The man decided to enter in on the conversation. "Yeah, yeah. So what? What's up with you, man?" Jellal asked Ash.

"I'm just waitin' for Muto," answered Ash.

"####. Better get in line," said the man. "This yours?"

"Yeah. I'm standin' next to it."

"That's funny. You know, Takaharu happens to know a few things," said the man. "And one of those things Takaharu knows's not how you stand by your car. It's how you race your car. You better learn that."

All of a sudden, they heard some engines revving. "Oh, ####. Here they come. It's on," said Takaharu.

Five cars entered the area, led by Yugi in a 1993 Mazda RX-7. Yugi got out of his car and high-fived the Hispanic gang's second-in-command. "Yug," said the second-in-command.

"Marvin," said Yugi. He then met up with two girls. "Hey, Yug, how ya doin'?" asked one of the girls.

But Lucy got out of her Nissan 240SX and didn't like what she saw. "Ow," she taunted in jealousy. "I smell...*sniff sniff sniff*...skanks. Why don't you girls just pack it up before I leave tread marks on your face?"

"Okay," the girls said as they left.

"Lucy, I was just talkin'," said Yugi.

"Yeah, whatever," said Lucy.

"Okay, Jellal," Yugi called out.

"Yeah? What's up, man?" Jellal asked as he shook hands with Yugi.

"Yo, what' up?" Takaharu asked as he pounded Yugi's fist.


"How we doin' this tonight?"

"One race. Two-G buy-in. Winner takes all. Jellal, you're gonna hold the cash."

"Why Jellal?" Danny asked as he paid his money to Jellal.

"Because, he's too slow to make away with the money, man," Takaharu answered as he paid his money to Jellal.

"Okay, good luck, guys," said Yugi.

"Hey, wait. Hold up," Ash said as he barged in. "I don't have any cash, but I do have a pink slip to my car."

"Hey, you just can't climb in the ring with Ali 'cause you think you box," said Lan.

"He knows I can box," Ash said pointing to Mikey. "So check it out. It's like this. I lose, winner takes my car, clean and clear. But if I win, I take the cash, and I take the respect."

"Respect," Yugi laughed along with the crowd.

"To some people, that's more important."

Yugi became hesitant, until he noticed Ash's car. "That your car?" Yugi asked.

"Yep," answered Ash, "and you're really gonna get jealous about what's inside the hood..."

Lan went over to the car and opened the hood. "I see a cool-air intake. It's got a NOS-fogger system and a T-four turbo, Yugi. I see an A.I.C. controller. It has direct port nitrous injection."

"Yeah, and a stand-alone fuel management system," said Yugi. "Not a bad way to spend $10,000," he said to Ash.

"You see that ####?" asked Takaharu. "He's got enough NOS in there to blow himself up, period."


"So, what do you say? Am I worthy?" asked Ash.

"We don't know yet. But you're in. Let's go."

NOS FestEdit

All the attendees arrived at a small road by Hawthorne. This would be where the race would take place. Lelouch parked on the side of the road and had police radio in his car to keep things safe. A Pizza Hut car drove up to the road but stopped at Lelouch's car. "What the hell's goin' on around here?" the driver asked as he got out of the car.

"Street's closed, pizza boy. Find another way home," said Lelouch.

"####### street racers," the delivery man said as he drove off.

"Log on 22, code three. Tension is high," said Lelouch's police radio. "They've blocked the street."

Two woman spray-painted the starting line, just as the racers pulled up and parked behind. But Ash accidentally parked over the starting line, so he backed up and aligned his Eclipse up with Takaharu's 1994 Acura Integra GS-R DC-2, Danny's 1993 Honda Civic Coupé EJ(?), and Yugi's Mazda RX-7.

Yugi turned on his radio in his car for musical entertainment.

Takaharu's girlfriend Monica approached Takaharu for seduction. "Takaharu," he said as she ran his hand through her shirt, "this is yours, whether you win or lose. But if you win, you get her, too."

Takaharu turned his head to the right and saw what she was talking about--and young woman who winked and blew a kiss at him.

"You're gonna win," Ash whispered to himself. "I'm gonna win."

To ensure that he would win, he began releasing air from his NOS, and then he turned on his computer.

But he wasn't the only one ready for an adrenaline rush. Yugi also armed his NOS hidden under his front passenger seat.

Danny was busy playing Gran Turismo on his PlayStation 1 while he waited for the race to begin.

Lelouch continued to listen to his radio. "We have a reported homicide, 187, at Barbarian Liquors," said the radio.

"I got a 187 in Glendale. Cops are all over it, man. We're good to roll. I repeat, good to roll," Lelouch said to Jellal via walkie talkie.

"All right," Jellal responded.

"Let's race."


Jellal held his arms in the air and the racers revved their engines. As Jellal held his arms back, all racers shifted into 1st gear.


And the race began as the racers slammed the gas pedal and zoomed across the starting line. Yugi was in the lead, followed by Danny, Takaharu, and Ash. "Damn, that guy's fast," complained Danny.

"Let's go! 'Menage a'!" shouted Takaharu.

When Ash noticed his computer saying, "Stage 1 complete", he pushed the NOS 1 button and began to pass Takaharu in blinding speed. "No! Monica!" Takaharu cried.

As Sonic reached 140mph, he soon passed Danny. All of a sudden, his computer read, "Warning!!! Danger to Manifold", but Ash became eager about winning that he brashly ignored it. "Shut up!"

He slammed his monitor off and activated the NOS 2 button. As he reached 150mph, however, corks and screws began flying off of the floorboard. Half of the floorboard fell off the car and caused a trail of sparks flying at Ash, until the other half detached and the floorboard flew off. Upon regaining focus, he discovered that he had just passed Yugi and smiled in excitement. He eagerly about to win, but Yugi activated he nitrous and retook the lead. Suddenly, Ash's car lost control and he ended up in a spin-out before it finally stopped. He began breathing hysterically as he saw smoke coming out of the hood. Frustrated and disappointed, Ash turned he car back and decided to slowly finish the race.

The other racers crossed the finish line, with Yugi in the lead. The crowd began to gather around Yugi as he got out of his car. "Here's what you want, right here. There you go," Jellal said as he gave Yugi the prize money. "You racin' a bunch of skateboards, know what I mean?"

"My sister holds the money. Count it," Yugi said as he handed his money to his sister. "And you're my trophy," he also said picking up Lucy.

A few seconds later, Ash finally crossed the finish in disappointment.

As Takaharu got out of his car, he noticed his girlfriend walking away. "Hey, hey, Monica! What's up, baby?" he asked he tried to top her. But Monica rejecting him by uttering, "What's your problem, ngga? You didn't win," before storming off.

"#### you, then!" Takaharu shouted in anger.

As the crowd gathered around the Eclipse, Ash got out and gave a nervous smiling. "Was that fun?" Lan asked as the Muto gang approached the car.

He opened the car and saw that the engine was burned to crisp. Yugi looked in disappointment at the burnt-out engine, but then noticed that Ash was still smiling. "What are you smilin' about?" Yugi asked Ash.

"Dude, I almost had you," Ash nervously laughed.

"You almost had me?" asked Yugi. "You never had me. You never had your car." He then began to walk around the car. "Granny shiftin', not double-clutchin' like you should. You're lucky that hundred-shot of NOS didn't blow the welds on the intake. Almost had me? Now me and the mad scientist gotta rip apart the block and replace the piston rings you fried.

Ash smile disappeared as he Yugi closed the hood. "Ask any racer, any real racer," said Yugi. "It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning."

He held his arms up in victory as the entire crowd cheered. Lelouch also laughed at Ash's mess-up, until he heard the police radio say, "Available units, we have reported street racing along Hawthorne--"

"Oh ####! We got cops, cops, cops, cops! Go!" he shouted.

The entire crowd quickly jumped into their cars and fled the scene as cops began to chase them down.

Yugi made a turn into a parking lot where stashed his car and turned on the alarm. As he left the parking lot, he put on his dark red jacket and watched as a police car passed him by. All of a sudden, the car quickly turned around and drove after Yugi.

"Muto, stop right there!" the driver ordered.

This forced Yugi to flee down the alleyway.

"Muto!" the cop shouted.

Yugi ran as fast as he could, when suddenly, someone pulled up right beside him and shouted, "Get in!"

It was Ash in his Eclipse. Yugi quickly jumped in and Ash took off. Ash made a drift leaving the alleyway and avoided the oncoming car, while the cop car ended up crashing. Yugi noticed ahead that two cop cars were blocking the path. Ash quickly maneuvered around the police and made a leap off the road to safety. As Yugi looked back at the cops left behind in the dust. He gave a nervous sigh of relief. "You're the last person in the world I expected to show up," he said to Ash.

"Yeah, wel, I thought if I got your good graces you might let me keep my car," said Ash.

"You are my good graces, but you ain't keepin' your car," said Yugi. "You drive like you've done this before. What are you, a wheel man?


"You boost car?"

"No. Never.

"Ever done time?"

"Couple of overnighters. No big deal."

"What about the two years in juvie for boostin' cars?"

Ash gave no answer.

"Hah," laughed Yugi. "Tucson, right? Yeah, I had Jesse run a profile on you, Ash Bruce Williams. He'll find anything on the Web, anything about anybody. So why ########?"

"So what about you?" asked Ash.

"Two years in Lompoc," said Yugi. "I'll die before I go back."

Big Trouble in Little SaigonEdit

As Ash began to return Yugi home, the latter began to take a nap. "So where do you live?" Ash asked Yugi.

"724 East Kingston Road," answered Yugi.

Ash typed Yugi's address into his GPS on the computer and found himself at S Euclid St. With Yugi's house 55 minutes from where he was now, he decided to take a shortcut down W 1st St.

Five minutes later, Ash continued down the road, when all of a sudden, he heard a strange motor sound behind. Yugi, who had just woken up from his nap, looked behind him and saw a bunch of 1998 Honda CBR 600 F3 motorcycles approaching them from behind. "Oh, great," Yugi groaned.

"What?" Sonic asked as the motorcycles surrounded them.

"Gonna be a long-### night, that's what," said Yugi.

One of the motorcycle drivers pulled to Ash's doorside and knocked on his door with a submachine gun, saying, "Follow us."

Ash followed the gang to Siêu Thį T&K Food Market. "What the hell's going on here?" Ash asked as he followed the motorcycle drivers around back.

"Just listen, whatever you do, don't run or fight back or even think about calling the cops. Or else!" said Yugi.

"Or else what?"

"Just play it cool, Williams."

As they slowly got out of their cars, the motorcycle gang took off their helmets, with a man in snake-skin pants pointing a sub machine gun at them.

"I thought we had an agreement," said their leader. "You stay away, I stay away. Everybody stays happy."

"We got lost, Murakumo. What do you want me to tell you?" asked Yugi.

"Who's 'we'?"

"Um, my new mechanic. Ash, meet Murakumo Yagami. The guy in the snake-skin pants, that's his cousin Lance. So, when are you gonna give me a shot at that Honda 2000 of yours?"

"This your ride?" Murakumo asked Ash.

"It was. It's his now," Ash said turning to Yugi.

"No, it's not. I haven't taken delivery," Yugi responded--much to Ash's surprise.

"Then it's nobody's car," said Muramuko. "Somebody put in the wrench time. What do you think, Lance?"

"It's an amazing machine," said Lance.

"Yes, indeed," Murakumo said as he patted Yugi's left arm twice. "Let's go," he said to his team. "I'll see you in the desert next month," Murakumo concluded as he got on his motorcycle. "Be ready to have you're ### handed to ya."

"Ya gonna more than that crotch rocket."

"I got somethin' for ya."

And so, Murakumo put on his motorcycle helmet and drove off with the rest of his crew.

"What the hell was that all about?" Ash asked Yugi.

"Long story. I'll tell you later," said Yugi. "Let's get outta here."

But just as he and Ash were about to get into the car, Murakumo and Lance returned. They out their machine guns and shot at Ash's car. They both emptied every single shell from the inside of their guns. Ash and Yugi could do nothing but watch in shock. After Murakumo and Jesse ran of bullets, they drove away again. This would serve as their warning to Ash and Yugi. As the two of them turned back, they noticed flames rising from the car. All of a sudden, the two of them smelled something burning, and Yugi quickly shouted, "NOS!"

They both quickly fled and watched as it exploded. Ash could do nothing but stare in shock at his burning car. "Looks like we're walkin'," Yugi said as he began to walk away. Ash gave his car a glance for about more seconds, before leaving and catching up with Yugi.

"So, what the hell was that all about?" the former asked Yugi as they left the T&K Food Market.

"It's a long story," said Yugi.

"Well, we got a 20-mile hike. Humor me."

"A business deal that went sour," Yugi summed up. "Plus, I made the mistake of sleeping with his sister."

As they reached the road, they noticed a taxi and called for it. "What can I do for you, gentleman?" the cab driver asked the men.

"You could take us to 724 East Kingston Road," said Yugi.

"I'll walk home from there," said Ash.

"You sure?" asked Yugi and the cab driver.


The two men entered the cab and the cab driver drove them home.

Right to PartyEdit

At Yugi's house, Blossom was upstairs working on her homework. "Yugi should've been home by now," she whispered to herself. All of a sudden, she heard a car pull up. She looked outside her room window and saw Ash and Yugi get out. Blossom gave a small sigh of relief that her brother was okay.

"Take care," Ash said as he began to walk away.

But as he stepped onto his front porch, Yugi took a look of Ash walking away. "Yo, Williams," Yugi called out. "You want a beer?"

"​Yeah, sure​," Ash said as he walked back to the house.

"Oh, shit," Blossom whispered.

She quickly got in front of her mirror. As quick as she could, she took her hair tie out of her pony-tail so she could flutter her hair until the lock was gone. She then took off her blue shirt and threw it on the floor. She threw on a red camaflouge-like tank-top and ran downstairs.

Inside Yugi's house was a house party with Yugi's friends and a bunch of invitees. Mikey was playing with a guitar that looked like Zakk Wylde's guitar.

Lucy was playing the PlayStation.

Lan was in the dining room making out with another girl.

Lelouch was sitting on a chair and talking to a girl who was sitting on his lap.

Yugi walked into his house, took off his jacket, and threw it on the floor. The first thing he saw was two girls making out. He then turned his attention to Lelouch. "We were all there, right? Falling behind," Lelouch said to his girlfriend. "With all that nitrous."

"Yeah," said his girlfriend.

"Yeah. You'd know the stuff. I mean--"

All of a sudden, Lelouch noticed an angry Yugi walking his way.

"Yo, Yug. Hey, man. We were just about to go lookin' for you, brother--"

But Yugi ignored him and angrily knocked the beer out of his left hand. Then he walked over to Mikey as the latter put the guitar away. "Where were you?" Yugi asked Mikey.

"There were mass cops there. They came in from every direction. Their shit was orchastrated," said Mikey.

"This your beer?" Yugi asked as he pointed to the beer bottle on left side.

"Yeah, that's my beer."

Yugi simply took his beer and walked away. "Yo, Einstein. Take it upstairs," Yugi said to Lan as the latter continued his make-out. "You can't detail a car with a cover on. Can't even get that right." The latter sentence was too himself.

"You all right?" asked Lucy.

"Am I all right?" asked Yugi.

"It was just a question."

Yugi didn't answer. He just walked towards the entrance.

All of a sudden, Mikey noticed Ash walk through the front door. "Yo, Yug! Why'd you bring the buster here?"

"'Cause the buster kept me out of handcuffs! He didn't just run back to the fort! The buster brought me back," Yugi yelled at Mikey. Though the latter sentence wasn't so loud.

He then returned to Ash. "You can have any brew you want--as long as it's a Corona."

"Thanks, man," Ash said as he took the beer.

"That's Mikey's, so enjoy it."

"You--" Mikey watched in anger as Ash cleaned off the rim of the bottle and took a sip out it. This caused Mikey to make an angry face.

"Hey, bro, you got a bathroom?" Ash asked Yugi.

"Yeah, upstairs. First door on the right."

Ash headed upstairs, while Yugi took a seat to calm down from the frustration he felt. Mikey got up and approached the stressed-out Yugi, pushing a dancing drunk girl out of his way. "He's got no call bein' up here. You don't know that fool for shit!" Mikey uttered right in Yugi's face.

"Yeah, he's right, Yug," said Lelouch.

"Mikey, there was a time when I didn't know you," said Yugi.

"That was in the third grade!" Mikey yelled as he grabbed Yugi hair.

"Yeah, so, what girls are here?" Yugi asked.

"Ho, I got some in store," said Mikey.

"Hey, you just name it. You want mine? You want two?" Lelouch asked at the same time.

"You need to shut the f--" Lucy hissed at Lelouch.

"You don't have anything?" Yugi asked Lucy.

"You look a bit tired," said Lucy. "I think you should go upstairs and give me a massage."

"Look at all our guests."

"How about we go upstairs and you give me a message?"

Yugi chuckled and put his arm around Lucy. As they started heading upstairs, Ash started heading downstairs. "Yo," Yugi called out to Ash halfway up the stairs. "You know you owe me a ten-second car, right?"

Ash didn't answer. "Ouch. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" laughed Lucy as she and Yugi went upstairs. "Oh, shit."

Ash suddenly found himself confronted by the rest of Yugi's team. "Did you wipe the seat?" Mikey taunted Ash.

Ash noticed a gun on the snack table. He started becoming hesitant as to whether to take it for defense, or just flee the house.

"Oh, Jesus Christ! Would you cut the shit already? Come on!" Blossom demanded as she suddenly appeared behind Mikey and pushed him back. "Come on. Let's go get me a drink," she said to Ash.

"Aw, come on, man. We were just about to get along," teased Lelouch.

"Yeah," teased Lan.

Ash and Blossom just ignored them and went into the other room. "So what do you want?" Ash asked Blossom.

"Uh, anything, long as it's cold," said Blossom. "You know, my brother likes you. Usually, he doesn't like anyone."

"Yeah, he's a complicated guy," Ash said as he found a Snapple.

"Yeah? What about you?"

"I'm simpler," Ash said as he handed the drink to Blossom.

"You're a shitty liar."

"Well, I'll take that as a compliment," Ash said as he sat next to her.

"There's a problem."

"What's that?"

"You need to get some sleep. And you definitely, definitely need a shower. Come on I'll take you home."

Upstairs, Yugi was busy massaging Lucy's naked back. "So, what happened, Yugi?"

"Well, Ash took a shortcut through Chinatown and Tran's gang spotted us and shot the car into flames. It was the NOS that caused a big explosion."

"WHAT?!" Lucy screamed as she shot up. But then she realized her chest was exposed and quickly covered it up with her blanket. "You did tell him about your feud with Tran, right?"


Lucy laid back on the bed. "When?"

"...After...the car blew up."

All of a sudden, Yugi heard something outside the window. He went over to the window and noticed Ash and Blossom walking to Blossom's car. As they both got in, Blossom began to drive Ash home. "So where do you live?" Blossom asked.


"...You mean you live where you work?"


Blossom started the engine of her car. As she began driving, she noticed Ash looking out of his window for some reason. "What's wrong?"


Ash looked up to see Yugi staring out the window. From inside the house, Yugi gave a small smile as Blossom and Ash drove away.

"Hey! Arent'cha gonna finish my message?"

"Sorry," Yugi said as he snapped back to reality. "I'm comn'."

A Double Life Edit

"Hey, Ash!" Dan called out the next morning.

"Yeah?" Ash called out while brushing his teeth.

"I got a carry-out for you to pick up."


"From Toyota! There giving new rims for the cars."

"Got it."

After drying his face, Ash jumped into his truck and drove off. All of a sudden, he heard police sirens as he was halfway down the block. Looking in his rear-view mirror, Ash noticed a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria police car right behind him. After he found a good place, Ash eventually pulled over. After the police car pulled over, two police officers stepped out. The first was a regular police officer who pointed a gun at Ash. The other was a Sergeant who wore a grey business suit. "Show me your hand," the business suit officer said into the bullhorn-sounding walkie talkie. Ash reluctantly did as the police said as held his hands outside of the window.

"Very good. Now open the door," continiued the Sergeant

Ash opened the door.

"Put your hands on your head. Behind your head," continued the Sergeant.

Ash slowly stepped out of the car.

"Face the front of the vehicle, walk back towards the rear," continued the Sergeant. "Take two steps to your right."

Ash took two steps that direction.

"Stop right there."

The other cop began inspecting Ash's body.

"What'd I do?" Ash asked.

"Shut up," said the cop. "He's clean, Sarge." He placed cuffs on Ash's wrists. Then he dragged Ash to the back of the police car. The cop opened the door and said to Ash, "In you go," as he pushed Ash into the car. After closing the door, the cop and Sergeant got in as well and drove away.

"So, what'd I do?" asked Ash again. "Well?"

"Chill out, Ketchum," said the Sergeant. "You'll find out as soon we get to the station."

That's right. Ash is actually an undercover police officer who was investigating the truck hijackings.

The police pulled to the police building. As the car parked in the driveway, the two cops in the front got out of the car. the gun-wielding cop opened the back door and dragged Ash out.

"Damn! Muse, will you take these things off?" Ash asked Muse. "I mean, shit. You put 'em on so tight."