The Farlands was Mentioned by Konota Hysuakana In Tohou Grand Theft Auto in the Episode "The Bloodshed on the Tower" when Konota tried to do Singlplayer Commands to teleport to the Millions Range with BWG mod, She Experienced many Glitches such as Giant Redstone, Phantom Chunks, Weird Terrain, and Unresponsive Mobs. In The Episode "The Malaria Outbreak" Konota met another minecraft player named "Saska Uritohera" who is a big fa of Minecraft and was infected with malaria, Konota then showed him the Farlands and Saska was amazed, Untill an Extreme Power Outage occured when the Power plant had a failure in Tokyo.
Far lands 2

The Farlands Konota Saw looked like this.

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