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The Devils Toupee(魔王様かつら, Maousama no Toupee) is the primary item of interest in Maou-Sama no Toupee. It is the most powerful magical item in the totality of the Maousama no Toupee universe, and is sought out by a countless multitude of greedy individuals who wish to seize it for their own benefit. It is owned and worn by Kureno Akimoto, the main character of Maou-Sama no Toupee.


The Devils Toupee takes on the form of a magical wig which is composed of a bright, magical and brilliant crimson red, with a pair of traditional devil horns growing out of the top of it. The hair of the toupee is extremely long, wild, and untamed, and upon becoming synchronized with a bald wearer, the hair becomes real. 


Powers & AbilitiesEdit


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