Cedric Browne
Cedric's faceclaim


Orphaned Elf, The Young One




Forest Elf




The Dark Woods (originally called the Light Woods before its destruction)




Mage, Halberdier

Magic Type

Regular Magic

History Edit

Cedric was raised in a small peaceful colony of Forest Elves in the woodlands. Until one day, a barbaric horde of Orcs raided the elves and slaughtered them all. The only survivor was young Cedric, orphaned at 2. The sister colony of elves, the Night Elves race, went to search for survivors after a whole week. They found Cedric still alive at age 2. They decided to take him in and raise him as a Night Elf. They trained him in varies fighting styles and hardened him into a warrior and taught him their ways. He met one of the most powerful wizards of the lands, a Pure Wizard named Aeothos, and was given the ability to use various battle enchantments. He trained as a powerful mage and halberdier. By age 17 he was a cold blooded killer who was one of the strongest elves in the Land Of Hythe.

Powers, Abilities and EquipmentEdit


Cedric was trained in using magic to enchant his attacks and melee skills for devastating combos. He can only use an enchantment if he has the magic to do so and needs tons of it to combine them. As a Forest Elf, Cedric is more adapt to outdoor activity and can stress his body for longer. Being trained by war-driven night elves allows him to strain his body more than a human can such as survive high G-Forces and it is harder to snap his bones.

  • Speed Enchantment: This allows Cedric to slash, run and move in unnatural speeds and survive powerful G-Force avoiding effects of whiplash and fatigue.
  • Strength Enchantment: This enhances Cedric's strength to increase the force and damage of his strikes and allow for liftting of heavy objects.
  • Transport Enchantment: This allows for teleportation of short distances for a combat advantage or for transportation.
  • Power Enchantment: This can be used to gain more power or to give others power. This strengthens Cedric's attacks and magic.
  • Defence Enchantment: This gives Cedric an invisible indestructive shield that blocks all incoming damage making Cedric practically invincible for a limited time.
  • Skill Enchantment: This increases all of Cedric's skills such as fighting skill, accuracy and reaction time to absolute perfection.
  • Nature Sense: Due to his Forest Elf physiology, Cedric has increased senses far above human level.
  • Elf Physiology: As an elf, Cedric is much more durable, athletic and has sharper senses than a regular human. This is because he is a Forest Elf and was trained by Night Elves.
  • Forest Empowerment: Cedric can connect to nature and be empowered by its presence.
  • Night Vision: Cedric's eyes were exposed to pitch darkness for so long by being nocturnal that they have adjusted to it and have unlocked Night Vision allowing him to see in pitch darkness.
  • Skilled Mage: Cedric has been given powers by The Grand Wizard, one of the most, if not, the most powerful wizard of this time. His Regular Magic is boosted due to this and he has practised many enchantments and spells to help him fight.


Being trained and raised all night by warriors of the dark, Cedric has been transformed into a stone cold warrior.

  • Great Hand To Hand Skill: Cedric has been trained to taked down armed monsters with his bare hands and has been trained by master martial artists and war lords.
  • Master Helberdier: Cedric is an absolute beast with his Enchanted Halberd. He can easily best the strongest of beasts with his weapon. His skill outclasses masters in all forms of armed combat and he has impressed The Grand Wizard Aeothos just with his sheer combat skill alone.
  • Master Dagger Usage: Cedric was trained to use any kind of dagger for different situations. He occasionally swaps out some for others and is trained at master level.
  • Trained Body: Cedric's body has been trained to withstand immense pain, fatigue and malfunctioning. He can regenerate damaged cells extremely fast, faster when in contact with nature.
  • Fast Reflexes: Cedric is used to reacting fast to attacks and deep situations.


  • Halberd: Dark Wood (Primary Weapon): Crafted from the wood of the Elder Tree, a spiritual and huge tree that thrived in the Forest Elves' home. This Halberd Type weapon is fast and deadly; it requires years of training and extreme dexterity for effective use. It is said the wood was cursed with the souls of the elves once they were murdered and their blood sunk into the ground and was absorbed by the roots of the tree. The wood was reinforced by the blood and enchanted by the greatest Wizard in the Land Of Hythe. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the world and cannot be duplicated because the tree it was crafted from is now unusable due to rotting. The Enchantment allows for it to be used in conjuction with magic and it is almost indestructable. It is around the height of Cedric and is pretty lightweight for easy use. Only Cedric can use it as the wood only bonds with Forest Elves, Cedric is the last living Forest Elf. The halberd holds within powerful magics and can be uses as a conduit to channel magic through it. It holds much unknown secrets within its wooden core.
    Photo-20150921 022436

    The Dark Wood Halberd



Cedric's Armor

Cedric wears a regular lightweight armor that is easy to move around in. He keeps his halberd clipped onto his back and facing diagonal. He has brown spikey anime hair with blonde tips on his hair. He has pointy ears and green eyes. His skin is light and pale due to being nocturnal. He is 5'9 and aged 17. He looks very young and handsome. He has small dagger holders on his pants, three to be specific, to carry multiple daggers that he may gain throughout the story.


He is very young and because of this is very naive and inexperienced. He is adventurous and loves to fight and explore. He is very pure hearted but stores a lot of hatred; typically towards Orcs. He is an elf so he is naturally nowhere near as smart as a human but is still very intelligent when on the field. He is energetic and a very skilled warrior/halberdier. Although he was raised by Night Elves, he still shares an afinity for nature and can use it to help him in times of need.

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