Hi, I'm Thecryingwolf3553 and welcome to my new RP called The Dark Age. It is set in a mixed period but is centered in the dark ages in an alternate Earth where myths and legends could never be more real! From magic to Demons to Elves, everything that was thought to exist does exist. This will be RPed by me and my two friends TheSuperiorOne and PyroHunter16. If you would like to join, too bad.

Current StoryEdit

The RP follows the story of numerous gifted heroes as they embark on an ever-lasting quest to vanquish evil, explore the vast land and fulfill their destinies. The story takes place in the Land Of Hythe. Hythe is not a country but more like a super continent that is where the entire world is on and stretches across the spherical word. Hythe has millions of countries, cities and towns where thousands of different races thrive. Humans indeed do exist and are by far the smartest and most developed race of them all. Technology has advanced well, although the streets look medieval, it is a mixed period with some modern inventions existing and objects and cultured from different time periods exist such as roman weapons. The races aren't all glad to live by one another, some want to cause evil, some consider that survival. The world is slowly being consumed in darkness as more and more wars start everyday. This certainly isn't a fun age; It's more of a Dark Age.


The Land Of Hythe


Magic is what this world is made of. Magic is a force that can do nearly anything and is composed of magic energy. Anyone and anything can use magic as long as it is unlocked or granted. The way it is depends on various factors. There are several forms of magic and different classes of magic users.


Magic has evolved into different forms that is used by different races, civilisations and alignments.

  • Blood Magic: This is fueled by the user's or other's blood by murder or self harm. It is used mostly by evil or dark people such as demons, witches or the undead.
  • Soul Magic: This uses a being's soul to do varies things such as possession. It is typically used to store a soul within an object. This is mostly used by Necromancers or Witches.
  • Pure Magic: This is used by pure hearted or good people or warriors that wish to use it for positive intentions. It has many uses and is gained by one's compassion and fueled by magical energy.
  • Dark Magic: The most wicked and evil form of magic. It is used by the most evil of beings and is fueled by hatred, violence and death. It messes with the user's mind to turn them insane and slowly eat away their humanity. The uses of it is to cause destruction and pain.
  • Elemental Magic: This neutral magic form is favoured by many for its variety and simplicity. It is easy to use and can be very powerful. It involves uses an element to fight, build and aid. The amount of elements available is unknown and a user can have multiple elements although a beginner is recommended to only use one to avoid strain.
  • Regular Magic: The most common and easiest magic form that is used, it is fueled by the amount of magical energy one has within them (which refills naturally) and has nigh infinite possibilities. This is the base of all magic and can be evolved into all other forms of magic through whatever possible method.
  • Other And Minor Magic Forms: Other lesser known forms are used by a minority and aren't as common or easily discovored. These could include magic that is centered around an animal, (dragon, troll, goblin ect. magic) magic that is used in a certain style or by a certain race (elven magic, ancient magic, Hell magic ect.) or magic of two or more combined forms (iron dragon magic, dark element magic, dragon soul magic ect.).


Users of magic are judged and classed on their use for it and skill in using it.

  • Wizards: These are very experienced and advanced users of magic. They know a lot of spells and are typically old. They are not fighters but know some defensive spells.
  • Witches/Warlocks: They specialise in crafting potions and curses or "one-time" spells that have a long term effect. Witches are females while Warlocks are male. They can be either good or evil and are normally shunned and banished from society due to false generalisations.
  • Mages: They are more battle orientated and know a lot of harmful and fighting spells. They are skilled and usually fight with a weapon alongside their magic. They use their magic for war or protection and don't know much non-offensive/defensive spells.
  • Sorcerers: The most powerful magic users. They have trained for years in battle orientated and non-battle-orientated spells. They are very, very powerful and can wipe out civilisations if they must. They are usually very good or very evil. They teach others how to be as powerful as them as their apprentice and are gods among men.
  • Magicians: The most weakest magic users. They use their magic to make tricks and illusions for money during shows. They aren't very good at spell casting, only for tricking the audiences mind.
  • Mancer: These are Wizards which have trained in a specific magic form and are usually immortal and very old. Examples include Necromancers who command the undead, Pyromancers who train in the art of fire, Cryomancers who train in magical ice and many more.

Roleplay ChaptersEdit

Chapter 1:

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