Meowchi as seen in the film

The Catcholic witch (リトルウィッチ少女 lit. The Little witch girl) is an upcoming anime film based on the book by Ellie Brocklyn (a.k.a Ferbette).The film was directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara best for directing the Sailor Moon movies and the English version was produced by Frank Marshall.

Japense and Engish CastEdit

Chacrther Japan version US Version
Bridgitta Yuria Nara Elle Fanning
Meowchi Arata Nathan Lane
Granny Chieko Baishō Barbara Cook
Annastia Salem Emiri Katō Kristina Reyes
Vanessa Salem Rina Koike Dakota Fanning
Sophie Salem Nozomi Ōhashi Ashley Boettcher
Aka (The Devil)  ??? David Sobolov
Anges Yumi Adachi Olivia Olson
The Preist  ???  ???
Meowchi (meows) Naoki Tatsuta  ???
Toraburu The Mouse Akiko Yano Tress MacNeille
Juilet Hunsen/Horner Mayuko Fukuda Elizabeth Gillies
Henry Horner Takuya Kimura Crispin Freeman
Toraburu The Mouse (speaking) Rumi Hiiragi Tara Strong
Elizabeth (the Salem girl) Yuki Matsuoka Eliza Bennet
Husdon (the English Salem boy) Hiroki Doi Thomas Sangster
Kuwchi (the African Salem boy )  ???  ???
The Salem children (credited in the japense version as 魔女は子供たちの絶望的な魂 lit. the doomed souls of the children) ??? Tara Strong(girls) /Jason Mardsen (boys)

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