The Cathcolic witch is an upcoming anime sersie based on the anime film and the book by Ellie Brocklyn.It is consired a catholic show since it teaches life lessons and mentions something aabout someone they heard at church.

Main charcthersEdit

Charcther Japenese Version English Version
Brigitta Horner/Bridget O' Hara Yuria Nara Elle Fanning (2015-2017) and Noah Cyrus (2017-end of sersie)
Meowci Artara Quinton Flynn
Granny ??? ???
Annastia Salem Emiri Katō Selena Gomez
Vanessa Salem Rina Koike Dakota Fanning
Sophia Salem Nozomi Ōhashi Ashley Boettcher
Eric ??? Raphaël Coleman


[comeing soon]

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