The Butterfly's Dance is a 24 episode series by Sonikku Aensland. Set in a modern styled medieval like Fairy Tale story combined with present time technology and structure.

The protagonists are a group of Criminals led by a young woman and a "evil cop", making them Villain Protagonists, opposed by Leticia, a half-elf, half-human and Étaín's father, Lucien.


There's a gang under the name of "Styx", that basically dominates over the city and nobody except the government can do for them, but there's a hope in the form of Letizia, a half-elf who disguieses herself as a human in hope to take down the gang meeting Étaín and the others.

Étaín's story is her tale and adventure as criminal lady, as how she meets an unexperienced cop, however, this cop is being paid by the money robbed by Styx as in exchange of being free, but he has a dirty facade behind his foolish persona.

Also, there's three great families behind the scenes: The Chandler, The Walsh and The Clark.



  • Princess Étaín a.k.a. Vega
  • Ripper Eliza
  • Emmett von Hammersmark
  • Lyon
  • Riya (Reads "Lia") "Titan" Lee

Police OfficersEdit

  • Police Officer Altair Edrick
  • Lynae Robinson


  • Letizia Fan Ring
  • King Lucien Walsh

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