Transcript for The Broken Theater Stage.

[View of the city from above. A banner from an ice cream truck that reads "Bon's Ice Cream" is shown. The truck drives away to reveal Parappa, PJ and Matt looking at an old abandoned theater.]

  • [They look into the box office window, that's curtains flow in the wind.]
  • Parappa: This theater is... scheduled to be destroyed tomorrow. [he tries to go inside by trying to get in between the crack of two seperated windows, in which Matt's reflection is seen. Parappa looks back at Matt, who nods.]
  • Close up on PJ's face, as the view moves inside one of his eyes, where Parappa can be seen.
  • Parappa: I forgot... [a wrecking ball smashes into the theater, which breaks in two, but it is only in Parappa's thoughts.] I forgot about- [one of the windows falls, which startles Parappa and Matt, who hold on to each other. A scary ghost appears in the window]
  • Parappa and Matt: The theater's haunted!! [the two start dashing away, but bump into a lightpost, which knocks the theater sign down.]
  • [Parappa and Matt are seen lying face-down on the ground. The lightpost has snapped in two.]
  • PJ: Parappa, Matt? You guys ok? [a poster with a picture of two monsters floats down on top of the fallen window. It reads "Horror Sheep".] It's just a poster... [PJ walks away]
  • [Title Card]
  • [Cut to a view of flowers in a garden at the side of a house, somebody is watering them, and it is shown that it is an old lady. She then looks onto the sidewalk to see Katy approaching.]
  • [Katy looks happy as she is walking down the sidewalk, then sees Parappa, PJ and Matt across the street. PJ is seen carrying Parappa and Matt, who are unconscious. She waves to them.] Hi, guys! [somebody grabs Katy's hand. She then looks frightened.] Ahhh!

[the person who grabbed her hand is the old lady]

  • Katy: Oh, it's just you, Dorothy. [in her thoughts] Ahh! Why'd it have to be Dorothy?! She's so annoying!
  • Dorothy: I'm so glad that you came by.
  • Katy: [In her thoughts, where she is shown with a weary expression.] Ugh, I'm not!
  • Dorothy: I've just baked some goodies. Won't you come and have some?
  • Katy: [In her thoughts, where she is shown shrugging] I don't seem to have a choice now.
  • Dorothy: That would be so nice.
  • [PJ, carrying his two friends walks on by as Dorothy drags Katy into her house.]
  • Dorothy: Please, come on in.
  • Katy: Wah!
  • [The front door of Dorothy's house closes].
  • [Cut to a tea kettle boiling and whistling, Dorothy is at the counter getting the tea. The view moves to Katy, who is chewing with a bored look on her face.]
  • Katy: [thinking] Where's all the good stuff? These are just cookies. [she eats a few more cookies]
  • Dorothy: Aren't those cookies delicious?
  • Katy: [suddenly smiles] Oh yes, they're really good! [she returns to her bored expression and continues chewing.]
  • Dorothy: Good! You know, I have something to tell you. [Katy swallows]
  • [Cut to Gaster screaming] In no time! I'm going to give this town what's coming to it!
  • [faraway view, where Paula is seen walking a few feet behind him] If only I could get payback on this theater...
  • [Cut back to Dorothy's house. Dorothy and Katy are sitting at the table drinking tea.]
  • Dorothy: My dream was... [sips her tea] to become a star dancer. [Katy looks bored] I could just imagine... [dreamy] my name up in lights!
  • Katy: [thinking as she has pink squiggling lines above her head] Yeah, "starring the world's most irritating old bat".
  • Dorothy: It was my dream ever since I was young, and I would do anything to make it come true!
  • Katy: [thinking] Even stop blabbing?
  • Dorothy: It was truly unforgettable...
  • Katy: [thinking] I wish I could forget this.
  • Dorothy: It was the only thing I wanted, to be a dancer on stage!
  • Katy: That sounds nice but...
  • [Dorothy's hand is seen raised, then made into a fist, then relaxed] Until the closing of the curtains! [Dorothy puts her hands together and puts them on her heart, and closes her eyes.]
  • Katy: [thinking] I'm out of here. [Katy has a bored look on her face, then smiles nervously and stands up.] Well, I better get going!
  • Dorothy: That reminds me, I must get going as well.
  • [close up of Katy's face staring]
  • [Cut to the park. Panoramic view, a round cat man is lying on a bench, Sunny and Paula are standing next to the ice cream truck, eating ice cream cones.]
  • Sunny: Well? Let's go... [Katy walks up to them] Hi Katy!
  • Katy: Hi there!
  • Paula: Ready to go?
  • Katy: Yeah.
  • [close view of Gaster's face as he has a mischevious look on his face]Time for me to make a pest out of myself. Heheh. [he slides in front of the ice cream truck with the same expression on his face. He then spots Sunny and Paula eating ice cream cones, while Katy is ordering hers. He focuses on Sunny's cone.]
  • Gaster: That ice cream cone sure looks good. [thinks a thought cloud with an ice cream cone in it.] I gotta have some. [A large cat man reaches his hand in Gaster's thought cloud and takes the ice cream cone from inside and eats it. He grins widely as he finishes it.]
  • Gaster: Hey, you! Get back here! [chases after the cat man]
  • [The girls stare, confused]
  • Paula: [with cone in her mouth] Katy, you're going to the theater, right?
  • Katy: Nope.
  • [Cut to a view of a red baseball bat, and then a tennis racket. Parappa is shown holding the bat, and Matt is holding the racket]
  • Parappa: That place really is haunted, no doubt about it.
  • Matt: We're going to get that ghost.
  • Parappa: [looks at Matt] What's with the racket?
  • Matt: [looks at Parappa] What's with the bat?
  • Parappa: Well, it dosen't matter as long as we get it.
  • Matt: I guess so.
  • Parappa: Let's get going
  • Both: Off we go!
  • [the two run off]
  • [Cut to Katy walking down the street where the old theater is. She notices the broken lamppost, then hears something inside the theater.] Huh? [she walks up to the front double door, and looks inside. She sees footprints in the lobby leading all the way to the auditorium. She hears footsteps and a voice counting to three repeadedly. She looks inside and sees the shadow of Dorothy.]
  • Katy: Dorothy is practicing dancing?
  • [Dorothy stops looks across the theater, panoramic view. She sees no one and sighs. She continues practicing her dancing. Katy peeks behind from the back row of the seats.]

[more to come]

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