The Broken Theater Stage is an episode of Parappa the Rapper the Series from season 1.


Dorothy, who happens to be Katy's friend, wants to become a dancer once again; however, she feels that see cannot because she is old. Katy and her friends find out that the theater is about to be taken down, so Parappa and his friends fix everything up for Dorothy to have one last dance on stage.


  • Parappa and Matt: The theater's haunted!! [the two start dashing away, but bump into a lightpost, which knocks the theater sign down.]

[Parappa and Matt are seen lying face-down on the ground. The lightpost has snapped in two.] PJ: Parappa, Matt? You guys ok? [a poster with a picture of two monsters floats down on top of the fallen window. It reads "Horror Sheep".] It's just a poster... [PJ walks away]



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