The Baka Races is the tenth episode of Baka-Chan. It seems to slightly parody Chicken Little, as the running gag is that someone worries that the sky is falling.


Juno, Ku, Paul and Twitty are part of the school's track team. Their team is made of underdog athletes. Paul has an advantage as he is built durable and has great speed. Twitty uses her hidden dragon wings to fly. The next day on the weekend, the four say they will hang out, including Johnny. When Paul asks who Johnny is and the girls tell him they will introduce him to Paul when they see him.

On that weekend, the Ratz are riding in their car. Out of boredom, they see Ku and decide to stop by and tease her. They make a remark about the sky falling, and Ku is fooled into thinking it's true. Feeling satisfied with their trick being successful, the Ratz drive off to the mall to go shopping. Juno comes by and sees Ku is a bit panicky and asks Ku what's wrong. Ku tells her, and Juno tells Ku that it's not possible for the sky to just collapse. Twitdragon flies by and tells her anything is possible. Brushing off Twitty's comment, Juno tries to show Ku a book about the sky but as soon as she finds it, Ku gets distracted and gets Twitty to help her build a fort so the sky won't collapse on them. Johnny Hoops also gets in on this, after a leaf falls and Ku thinks it's the sky. He too tries to explain to Ku that the sky can't fall. After failing Twitdragon grabs him and takes him inside the fort.

When they await the sky's collapse, it's really some bricks that fell off of the roof of the fort making the sounds. When it's all over, they see the sky is still intact. Relieved that it was all a false alarm, Juno concludes it's safe to go to the races on the moon, leaving Twitdragon, Paul and Johnny down on earth. Twitty asks "Anyone up for baseball?" as a suggestion for something to pass the time. Johnny mentions basketball is his game, him being a basketball hoop.

When Johnny is up to "bat", he flings the ball and strikes a home run... that strikes the sky and breaks pieces off of it. Twitty says "Dude, I think you just broke the sky..."

The group then get on Twitty's back while she flies to the sky and try to tape the pieces back on, and the Ratz come floating by with bloated bodies, complaining they ate too much fast food and saying one bite of a hamburger was too much. Twitty then uses her claws to pop them, and with that, the Ratz deflate, flying very fast in the other direction.


  • Gem: I'm totally bored...
  • Zoe: Look! Like, there goes Juno's freaky best friend. Let's have some fun messing with her.

  • Yolanda: Well, I feel good. Let's go shopping at the mall to celebrate!
Natasha: That sounds good, I've got both my parents' credit card numbers as well as my own plutonium card!


  • At the end, The Ratz are seen floating and bloated. They state that they got inflated after taking one bite of a hamburger. This makes a refference to anorexia nervosa, as the sufferer may still believe they are overweight even after eating a small amount of food.

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