The Baka-Chan movie is a movie set to air on the Right Stuf Network. It is a movie for the show Baka-Chan.

The Baka-Chan movie

Directed by

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The Right Stuf International

Release date(s)

May 15, 2011 (Japan)
July 24, 2011 (USA)


Juno and her friends are third year students, on the verge of graduating, with the exception of Marcelline, who is said to have been "swept away for a while". And the pairing with Juno and Timmy is in question at this point.

Up in space, wanted posters with Ku's face are put up everywhere. With the intergalactic Interpol questioning citizens if they've seen her. Tammer and Imball, in jail, revealing that they know where Ku is. They're taken to an interrogation room and tell their side of the story from the first episode, giving away the fact that she is on earth, and that she was last seen with a human girl. After knowing this, they set out a search for Ku.

When they reach earth the next morning, they abduct Mr. Beeblebrox, who tries to tell them he's changed, but they shoot a ray at him that changes him back to his old, brutish and rude self he was before (while restoring his long hair). While flying in the police spacecraft, they tell him who they're looking for and Mr B. says that Ku is his "daughter" and wants her back.

Mali the Catgirl is revealed to live on Earth now because her dad loves pudding so much, he came to stay there. She also says she found a strange, shiny yellow hump-shaped rock, which is revealed to be a lump of gold, and don't know why people want it so much, which she sings a song about. Mr. B. tries to grab the rock for himself, but Mali smacks him away with it. Not getting anything out of her, they set out again. Mr B. reveals he still has his memories as a teacher and says he knows where the human girl Juno would be, to which the officers say "Why didn't you tell us earlier?!"

When the kids are in for their last day of class, they notice their homeroom teacher is missing, to which Twitty (outside a window) whispers that it's party time. Ku takes on a rockstar form and sings a song about partying, until the principal comes in and tells them that they can't find Mr. Beeblebrox and he hasn't called in sick or made any excuse not to show up, which concerns her, due to not knowing whether they need to get the authorities involved.

Intergalactic Interpol comes in and demands Juno hand over Ku. The principal says unless the officer is a substitute teacher, he should leave the premises, unless he has certification to visit the school. The officer fires out a tube, that shrinks and traps the principal inside, and Juno makes a break for it with Ku, and jumps out the window on Twitty's back, and they fly off. Timmy grabs the tube, and runs to, presumably, tell the office.

As the dragon and spacecrafts fly into the sky, it is shown that the school has been notified as to what happened, and is now running a safety drill.

Before the three girls can comprehend what just happened, the space police gain on them, just as they think they can evade them, the ship activates a strange, magnet-like force and attaches them to the back of the craft. They panic as they ascend, thinking they'll die in the airless atmosphere of space, but a bubble covers them.

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