"Ace Up!"-Anime Ace Henshin call

The Anime Ace is the main Protagonist of the fanfic seires The Anime Ace he is granted with the power of the Pyramid and the Sun. He is also one of the leaders in The United Alliance of Awesome


As a young man, The Ace is a geek of Anime,his favorite is D.Gray-Man, He plus 4 others,The Angry Video Game Nerd(Given the power of the Pheonix), The Nostalgia Critic(Given the power of Tarus the Bull), Captian S(Given the power of the Sphinx), Allen Walker(Given the power of the Dogu), and Lenalee Lee(Given the power of the Moai). The Anime Ace has the 3 powers of the epic ones, VRV Master(From Carranger), Cross Marian(Allen's master who was killed by Neah before Allen driven Neah out of his body and appeares to the Ace as a Ghost), and King Ranger(from Ohranger), his henshin device is the Ace Belt, the Ace Brace, and The Mask of Cross. With them he transfroms into the Anime Ace. Later when Bara Neah kidnaps Allen and Lenalee,he kocks The Ace unconcious,with the Nerd,Critic, and Captain trying to wake him up,Inside The Ace's Concious,He is spoken to the Ghost of Cross Marian,and spoken to King Ranger and VRV master via telepathy,all 3 of them boost him to full power,upgrading him into Anime V Ace,with his new powers, The Ace with the Nerd,Critic and Captain take off to save Allen and Lenalee from Bara Neah.


He has sun-glasses, a jet-black and machine yellow jacket,gloves,boots and scarf with and Ace on it, a grey shirt with an A on it. When he upgraded to Anime V Ace, he gained Cross's hat, mask,and sleeves, King Ranger's Main armor, gloves, and belt, and VRV Master's padded pants and shoulder pads and under the armour, his chest panel.

Attacks,Powers, and AbilitiesEdit

Hand to Hand Combat

Power cards that held attacks of anime heroes


Hand To Hand Combat

Cross Hat(He throws Cross's hat like a frissbee and it slices enemies)

King Stick


VRV Blaster

Ace Scepter(Combined form of all 3 weapons)

Ace Victory Flash(Fires energy from the Ace Scepter)

Theme SongsEdit

This is the first theme of the series,it is a re-lyriced version of the Ohranger them "Oh Re! Ohranger!"


Ace! Ace! Anime Ace!

Ace! Ace! Anime Ace!

Clad in black,yellow, and gold!

Ace! Anime Ace!

Calling upon the powers of acient times

To save modern day Earth from terror crimes

Anime Ace

AV Game Nerd

Nostagia Critic

Captain S

Allen Walker and Lenalee!

Ready to stand for right! With their hearts of might!

Ace Up!

Evil flinch in fright! They wont give up a fight!

Ace Up!

Pheonix,Sphinx,Taurus,Moa,Dogu,and Pyramid!

Ace up!

Ace up!


Anime Ace!

2nd theme(re-lyriced version of the them of Toei's Spiderman)


A firey youth,and his allies ready to take a stand!


With Ancient power,and sense of right! Ace!

Various worlds diffrent lands

Our goals are the same!

Thrawting evil's wrath

"King Pyramider!"

Black,Yellow,and Gold!

Black,Yellow,and Gold!

are the colors of the hero of anime!

Power of the Pyramid!

and Power of the Sun!

The Champion of anime

The Anime Ace!!!!!


Like Allen using the piano on the White Ark,The Anime Ace finds a musical score in the King Stick written by King Ranger,VRV Master,and Cross Marian composed and it can be used to awaken King Pyramider from his long slumber and the Ace compose's this melody by using his Ace Scepter like a coductor's baton

-The Golden Eyes of a King-

As a evil hand tears down the curtains that keeps us safe

A King will arise!

Awaken from his millenium slumber

He opens his golden eyes!

Built to protect all creation

and protect whats right and true!

His Golden Eyes and shining crown

he has given to you!

With your scepter you lead this army!

To strike the hand that tears peace away!

You hold the King's key

that kept him asleep untill today!

Now ready yourself,you know what must be done!

Awake the Golden King now,his day has come!

Golden King of Pangea!

Golden King of Ancient Time!

Golden King of the Old World!

Golden King whose eyes shine!

Golden King of Yellow Luster!

Golden King, King Pyramider!


The Neo-Machine Empire of Baranoia

Satan Egos and the Neo-Egos Cult(Originaly from Battle Fever J)

Kaiser Belial and The Belial Empire

King Glitch-it and the Glitch Kingdom

Captain Bootleg of the Knock-Off Pirates

The Millenium Earl and The Noah Family(minor enemies)

General Zod and The Empire of Zod To Which You Will KNEEEEEEL!

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