The Adventures of Vanessa (OVA)
Format Adventure, Action-Comedy, Magic.
Created by Sonikku Aensland
Writer(s) Sonikku Aensland
Director(s) Sonikku Aensland
No. of episodes 1
Run time 45 Minutes
Rated TV-G
First aired Original: July 21, 2007

Re-run: December 31, 2013

The Adventures of Vanessa and Friends is a 2013 OVA Adaptation based of the Original Work of the same Name made on mid 2007, this OVA will be adapted faithfully to the Original Work and its Settings, designs, and story. This OVA will be released in New Year's Eve as Part of "New Year Week" Special.


In 2006 A.D. Eva (Vanessa Luxaloss), was a young woman who lost her memory completely in strange circumstances, she recognized only certain people as Emily, Luna, Leon and Priscilla, also her mother, but, not the rest of her family. By Day 2 , She and Emily Received a Letter of Admission to the Academy of Aslada, a very popular location among tourists, both packed up and were on the train to Aslada.

At day 3 arrived at the school and two of the best students, the sisters Jenny and Sylvia Thorndyke, both from different sectors, greets them, also a little girl name Sarah Nelson appears, giving a few gifts to Emily and "Eva" both receive them with great affection during that time, Princess Elise was in her throne quietly until she feels a presence, a huge wind indicating that the heroine that could defeat the great Dr. Einsteintin has arrived, this doctor wanted to conquer the Kingdom, but the royal guard is quite strong in the areas of machinery and Science.


  • Vanessa "Eva" Luxaloss
    • The Protagonist
  • Emily Fontaine
    • Vanessa's Best Friend
  • Jenny Thorndyke
    • A Genius from the Aslada Academy
  • Sylvia Thorndyke
    • A Strong girl from Aslada Academy
  • Sarah Nelson
    • Girl with Psychic Powers
  • Lucinda Sheppard
    • Academy Director's Daughter
  • Chancellor Sheppard
    • The Director of the School
  • Elise Luxaloss
    • Princess of Aslada
  • Amy Fontaine
    • Emily's Younger Sister
  • Christian Thorndyke
    • Jenny and Sylvia's Younger Brother
  • Dr. Seth Einsteintin
    • A Mad Scientist
  • Miranda Luxaloss
    • The Queen of Moonland and later Aslada
  • John Luxaloss
    • Te Duke of Aslada
  • Leon Marshall
    • One of Vanessa and Emily's Friends from Moonland
  • Priscilla Testarossa van Cortlandt
    • One of Vanessa and Emily's Friends from Moonland
  • Luna
    • One of Vanessa and Emily's Friends from Moonland
  • The Princess Ladies-in-Waiting.
  • Disselle (Cameo)